Best-Paying Academic Writing Accounts In Kenya

This article will acquaint you with the best-paying academic writing accounts in Kenya that remunerate handsomely.

Many Kenyans, especially the young, now have access to reliable internet connections across the nation. Through academic writing, transcription, and article writing accounts, some people use the internet to make money.

According to the Communications Authority of Kenya, as of January 2022, Kenya had 23.35 million internet users, representing a 42% internet penetration rate. This was an increase from a previous 41% in 2021.

According to a Kepios analysis, between 2021 and 2022, the number of internet users in Kenya increased by 1.6 million (+7.4 percent).

You can use a variety of academic writing accounts to make a living. Once you have a writing platform, you can work from wherever you are. The various freelancing accounts have long been used by students who need their assignments completed for a low cost.

Even though academic writing has its share of problems ranging from sleepless nights to fatigue, the majority of authors earn well and use their income to purchase homes, cars, and plots, and to fund children’s education.

Most of the accounts pay the writers twice a month through various money transfer platforms such as Paypal. However, some prefer to wait for the whole month and receive their pay in full. Nonetheless, most of the accounts are reliable and make well-deserved and timely payments.

We have compiled a report on the best-paying academic writing accounts in Kenya.

Top 10 Best-Paying Academic Writing Accounts In Kenya

1. Essay Pro

One of the top academic writing services in Kenya is Essay Pro. This is due to the authors’ extensive experience—more than 20 years. The account for academic writing assists students with their academic assignments. With Essay Pro, you can be sure that the writing or editing services you order will be of the highest caliber.

Essay Pro wants to assist every student in achieving the highest possible level of academic success. You can purchase an Essay Pro account if you want to be a part of a team that aids students in realizing their educational aspirations.

2. Uvorcorp

It is a 2006 startup offering academic writing support. The business supports its writers and works with them to enhance their customer service. You can manage essays, research papers, dissertation chapters, and creative writing with a Uvocorp writing account.

Uvocorp also assists beginners who are passionate about academic writing in realizing their full writing potential. Each assignment you receive from Essay Pro comes with a due date.

3. Writers Bay

Writers Bay has you covered if you’re a freelance academic writer looking for a writing account with a variety of orders and a flexible schedule. You only need an internet connection, writing abilities, and passion to get started on your job. One of the academic websites that seek writers is this one.

You can depend on a competitive wage at Writers Bay for every paper you work on. Additionally, you get paid twice a month, so your bank account won’t run dry. The academic writing account also gives you the flexibility to control your workload.

4. Quality Writers

Create a Quality Writers account to order academic writing and receive payment on time. The website also provides you with the assistance you need while working. This has turned a lot of amateur writers into professionals who produce high-quality work.

You can select a project to work on from the Quality Writers platform that you feel comfortable working on. Additionally, you work at your own pace. You can therefore make as much money as you want. Join the team if you have writing, editing, and resume-writing skills.