Best Garbage Collection Companies in Kenya

The best garbage collection companies in Kenya are listed here. The list focuses on businesses that provide all types of waste producers in Kenya especially Nairobi and its surroundings with skilled and environmentally friendly garbage collection services.

Recently, Nairobi has been hit hard by the garbage menace whereby most of the city estates are bundled with piles of garbage. Since the impeachment of Mike Mbuvi Sonko, managing waste in Nairobi city has been a problem that Nairobi Metropolitan Services has tried hard to resolve but has not succeeded much.

The same conditions are witnessed in other counties where piles of solid waste are stashed by the roadsides and people keep on dump[ing more.

The county governments by themselves do not have the capacity and enough resources to collect all the garbage. This forces them to rely on external garbage collection companies owned by individuals and private entities.

However, the number of garbage collection companies in Kenya is not enough to manage the country’s total waste. Furthermore, no proper frameworks have been laid to ensure proper contracting and sustainability of the entire waste management program.

Here are a few of the best garbage collection companies in Nairobi, listed in no particular order.

Best Garbage Collection Companies in Kenya

1. Garbage Dot Com Ltd


For both residential and business customers, Garbage Dot Com provides top-notch, environmentally friendly waste management solutions. On the day of collection, the company collects trash from residential customers in Nairobi between 8:30 am and 12:00 pm, and from industrial and commercial customers between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm. Since 2003, it has been engaged in the garbage collection industry.

Location: Lusaka Road, Industrial Area.

Contact: 0721 265 700.


2. Bins Services Ltd

The first garbage collection business in Kenya was called Bins Services. It is dedicated to giving residents of Nairobi and the surrounding area first-rate garbage collection and waste management services.

Location: Falcon Road, Off Enterprise Road.

Contacts: 0722 713 964, 0733 677 710.


3. Kamtix Group

In Nairobi, Kamtix provides skilled and environmentally friendly garbage removal and collection services. For businesses and residential areas throughout Nairobi, the company organizes waste collection and disposal services.

Location: Kileleshwa.

Contacts: 0722 275 463, 0780 275 465.


4. GM Services Ltd

In Nairobi, the company offers expert rubbish removal and collection services that are environmentally friendly. Additionally, it offers homes and businesses expert cleaning services.

Contacts: 0721 979 781, 0731 593 377.


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