Best Business to Start in Rural Areas in Kenya

This is a breakdown of the best business to start in rural areas in Kenya that do not require a lot of capital to kick off.

Kenya’s rural areas have a lot of potentials. With the population rising at an unprecedented rate and more people moving to rural areas, everything from housing to education is in great demand.

This essay will assist you in deciding what business to start to profit from this opportunity!

The first step in beginning a business in rural Kenya is deciding what kind of product or service you want to offer. If you want to make something with minimum capital input and no distribution networks, this could be the correct fit for you!

Best business to start in rural areas in Kenya

1. Rearing animals


If you know how to care for animals, this is a terrific rural business.

For example, you can buy a calf while it is young and feed it until it reaches maturity.

You can sell it once it has matured into a bull or a cow.

A bull or cow breeder would require a small farm to rear the animal and at least one paid worker with animal management experience.

The farmer can also raise sheep that are sold for slaughter when they reach adulthood, or they can be shorn and their wool harvested.

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You must be patient in this career and ensure that the animals are well fed, protected, and imprisoned in such a way that they cannot breed.

2. Butchery

Farmers generally have excess animals that they are unable to sell, therefore this enterprise is profitable.

Due to an abundance of cattle, you may purchase the animals at a reasonable cost and then process the meat to create canned items that can be sold in supermarkets.

This could be a good option for folks who cannot afford other types of enterprises that demand a lot of capital.

The procedure is straightforward: butcher the animal, split up its corpse into various components, and then run it through a canning machine. The next step would be to obtain labels from any print shop and have them printed on cans in big quantities to save the repetition of effort.

3. Food Processing

This is an excellent choice because many farmers cannot afford to process their crops due to a lack of infrastructure.
This is an excellent possibility because farmers are frequently looking for processing facilities to purchase their products.

For example, if you are from Eldoret or Kitale, both of which are known maize-growing areas, you can set up a maize milling processing facility.

You will be able to purchase maize at a lower cost from local farmers and, as a result, offer the farmers a higher price for their harvests.

Both sides will benefit from this arrangement.

The owner can advertise and brand their products in order for them to sell well in the local market.

4. Forestry

Since the government prohibited the removal of trees for timber in forests, the demand for timber has skyrocketed.

You might begin planting trees with the intention of selling them to possible consumers in the future.

People require wood in order to create and construct things such as houses, furniture, and other ho