Who is Pastor Ezekiel? Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth

Pastor Ezekiel Odero, an evangelist, is the new kid on the block. He established the New Life Church in Mavueni, Kilifi. He has a large following, with his followers believing that he is a true man of God due to a number of miracles he has performed.

He recently got Kenyans talking online after photos of a full Kasarani stadium courtesy of him emerged online. Most praised him for filling a stadium that not even the strongest politicians in the country could throng during their major political rallies.

Today, we look at the story of the man of God who is the new talk of the town on matters of religion. Here is his story as told by Jambo Daily.

Age and Place of Birth

Pastor Ezekiel

Pastor Ezekiel is now in his forties. He was born in Homabay County but now lives in Kilifi County on Kenya’s coast.

Pastor Ezekiel Career Journey

The evangelist began his career as a fisherman in Kisumu. He later moved to Mombasa to work as a mason while also studying.

He rose to prominence during Covid-19 when most people were locked in their homes due to televangelism pastors’ sermons. Pastor Pius Muiru of the Maximum Miracle Centre in Nairobi has been his mentor. On numerous occasions, Pastor Ezekiel has been seen attending church services with Pastor Muiru.

Musical Career

He began his musical career as an instrumentalist in Pastor David Owuor’s Repentance and Holiness ministry. During church services, he used to play the piano and violin. Pastor Ezekiel confessed during one of his services that he was once a fornicator who committed numerous sexual sins.

Ezekiel, like pastor Owuor, is very particular about how people dress in his church. He is also strict about ladies visiting his offices because he believes that temptations will lead him back to his old ways.

He recently relocated his church from Shanzu in Mombasa to Mavueni in Kilifi County due to increased church membership. This is because he desired a larger area in which to build a large church and other amenities to accommodate his growing large numbers.

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He has built hotels, international schools, and a variety of other amenities at his new church compound.