Traffic Offences and penalties you pay for each in Kenya

This article enlightemns you on traffic offences and penalties you pay for each in Kenya.  On Kenyan roadways, accidents pose a serious problem because fatalities are frequently reported.

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has compiled a registry of all traffic infractions in an effort to reduce the frequency of the nearly daily traffic accidents.

Both drivers and passengers may be in legal jeopardy as a result of these offences. There are many repercussions and penalties for each of them.

Jambo Daily has compiled a list of all the traffic offences and penalties you could incur for committing each of them.

Driver Traffic offences and penalties

Traffic Offenses and penalties

As a motorist, below are some penalizations that might be imposed on you:

1. A learner without the “L” sign

A Ksh. 1,000 fine is applicable if you have just graduated from driving school and fail to display the obligatory “L” sign on the back and front of your car. The traffic laws of Kenya, section 12(1) (b), states that this signage is essential and beneficial to other road users.

2. Making phone calls/Texts

Talking on the phone or sending texts while operating a vehicle is prohibited. You might occasionally become distracted by this and make mistakes as a result. When caught, a Ksh. 2,000 fine is assessed by the police.

3. Dropping and picking passengers at undesignated places

A motorist has broken the law when they purposefully stop to drop or pick up more commuters at unlicensed terminals and bus stops. According to Rule 56A (1), he or she shall pay a total of Ksh. 3,000.

4. Driver badges and uniform

In the automobile, matatu, or bus, all drivers should be wearing legally recognized clothing, have identification, and be pictured. The penalty for breaking this law is a levy of Ksh. 3,000.

5. Insurance

When traveling, you should always take your insurance certificates with you. If you are found to be without it, you risk spending a number of years or months in jail or having to pay Ksh. 100,000.

6. Driving license

If you have one, stick to the car classes you took in school. Failure to do so results in a Ksh 7,000 fine.A Ksh. 1,000 levy is applied if you don’t renew your license after the expiration date. Additionally, you must always have this paperwork on hand because failing to do so will be a felony that carries a Ksh. 1,000 fine. Unqualified people who lack the necessary paperwork must pay Ksh. 7,000.

7. PSV unauthorized drivers

You will be fined Ksh 5,000 if you let anyone operate an unauthorized PSV. According to sections 12(1) and (14) you must always be behind the wheel.
If you are discovered ignoring traffic signs, you will be instantly charged Ksh. 3,000.

8. Traffic signs and police

There is a Ksh 5,000 fee for driving on pedestrian footpaths. Those who disobey verbal or visual traffic police instructions will be fined Ksh. 3,000. A Ksh 5,000 fine will be applied if you don’t stop when directed to do so.

9. Over speeding

At first, NTSA fin