Top 10 Most Marketable TSC Subject Combinations

Here is a list of the top 10 most marketable TSC subject combinations. The Bachelor of Education program is one of many courses offered at universities and colleges in Kenya, and because there are few to no job hunts required following graduation, it is believed to be the most marketable program. Following graduation from college, some graduates are hired by the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC).

Some wind up working as instructors in prestigious private institutions like the International School of Kenya, Brook House Academy, Sunshine Secondary School, and Aga Khan Academy, among many others.

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The marketability of your subject combination and the availability of opportunities are more important factors in landing a job in such institutions than your college or university of attendance; the fortunate ones may succeed even with subject combinations that are fiercely competitive.

All you need to keep in mind is that while teaching is a marketable profession, not all subject combinations are in high demand; as a result, expertise and professional advice are required when choosing subject combinations to pursue for your teaching career. Both Bachelor of Education degrees in the arts and sciences offer the combination of employable subjects.

Also keep in mind that the Teachers’ Service Commission enacted a rule requiring you to have at least a C+ (C plus) in that topic in your high school performance in order to choose that subject as your field.bject combinations that are fiercely competitive.

Before the TSC passed this regulation, a student might attend college, major in education, and receive a D or even a lower grade in the subject. It was also feasible for instructors to major in fields other than their chosen ones during their high school years.

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Please take note that the topics we will discuss below are the most recent and in-demand marketable combinations. Up to 2024, this may still be the case.

When there are insufficient or no teachers available nationwide who specialize in those subjects, subject combinations become popular or the most marketable. In 2014, some Bachelor of Education in Arts specialities, such as History and C.R.E., were among the most sought-after TSC Subject Combinations, which led to the hiring of numerous instructors by TSC.

Many pupils were forced to attend schools and universities to concentrate in that field due to the area’s inadequate professors. This explains why History and C.R.E are currently overflowing (not even securing jobs for 2014 to the current year graduates). The merger of business studies and mathematics had the similar situation.

Because many teachers chose to pursue banking careers and left vacancies in the classroom, the combination of business studies and mathematics was in high demand. As a result, a large number of students enrolled in business and math classes, which were visibly overcrowded.

The Teachers’ Service Commission currently only employs 2016 graduates in that field of specialization, leaving the most recent graduates without employment.

Here are the top 10 marketable TSC subject combinations.

  • Agriculture and Biology
  • Biology and Chemistry
  • Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Computer Studies with Any Subject
  • Geography and History
  • Geography and Business Studies
  • Home Science with any Subject
  • Mathematics and Computer Studies
  • Mathematics and Physics
  • Physics and Chemistry