Top 10 Cleanest Cities in Africa

Some of the cleanest cities in Africa provide citizens with sustainable growth, lucrative agriculture, and clean air. These states prioritize cleanliness, which has contributed to this. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the cleanest cities in Africa have programs to remove solid waste and have established regulations to reduce pollution.

Everyone wants to live in a hygienic atmosphere. However, there are many areas of the world that deal with a variety of pollution forms. These towns and communities are overrun by corpora waste, highly contaminated water sources, bad air, and improperly set up sewage systems.

Overall, this appears negative, harmful, and prejudiced. Nevertheless, each continent—including Africa—has a few pristine, green, unpolluted cities that are also healthy.

Top 10 Cleanest Cities in Africa

The 15 cleanest cities in Africa are listed below. By visiting them, you will learn about a fresh, unexpected, and thrilling continent with spotless spots.

1. Kigali- Rwanda


Is Kigali Africa’s cleanest city? The capital city of Rwanda is now recognized as the continent’s cleanest urban area. It establishes a high bar for the majority of the communities on the continent to meet. It is also a superb illustration of how maintaining a clean capital changes the world. There is a cost associated with its title as the cleanest city in the world.

It can be difficult for immigrants to maintain their high-level lifestyle. Throwing trash out of your car while driving in the capital is scandalous. The behavior is frowned upon! Plastic bag usage is also prohibited. Kigali spends a lot of money on cleaning services, and most of the businesses that provide them are open around the clock.

2. Windhoek- Namibia


The capital of Namibia features clean streets, public amenities, and modern German-inspired architecture. To maintain its surroundings clean, Windhoek has employed creative strategies, like involving the neighborhood communities in solid waste management.

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The nation’s Solid Garbage Management organization has also developed ground-breaking strategies for actively recycling garbage. It is now the second-cleanest city in Africa as a result. According to reports, the capital is generally safe, well-kept, and pleasant to stroll through. Good highways and rail lines, like The Desert Express, feature interesting stops throughout their routes and lessen city congestion.

3. Accra- Ghana


One of Africa’s coastal cities with consistently clean and healthy surroundings is Accra. The urban region is proud of its well-kept avenues, special gardens, and parks. The Environmental Committee, which is in charge of handling ecological projects, public hygiene, and rehabilitation, deserves credit for Accra’s ranking as one of the cleanest cities in Africa.

4. Gaborone- Botswana

Cleanest Cities in Africa

Gaborone has a solid reputation for being a peaceful, politically stable, and economically powerful city. It is well known for producing diamonds on a global scale. Despite being small, the city is quite contemporary, global, and exciting. The Gaborone City Council, which is in charge of developing new projects and programs to keep the city clean, actively manages it.

The board has been effective in keeping the city clean by overseeing the regular collection of solid waste, composting, and recycling. It has helped the community learn how to reduce, recycle, reuse, and dispose of waste while also enforcing some rules. You will be impressed by Gaborone’s parks, vibrant gardens, and a patchwork of trees by the roadways that offer fresh air and shade if you visit.