Most Profitable Businesses to Start in Kenya

Here are some of the most profitable businesses you may establish or invest in if you want to make a lot of money without putting in a lot of money.

Do you know what Kenya’s most lucrative enterprises are? This article will present a list of some of the most profitable small company investments.

Agriculture, trade, and services are the mainstays of Kenya’s economy. The majority of Kenyans are working in small companies. However, some firms fail to profit because their owners lack knowledge and skills, as well as cash for expansion.

Because most Kenyans have an entrepreneurial mentality, small enterprises may be found everywhere.

Which is the most profitable business to start in Kenya?

Here are the most profitable businesses to start-up in Kenya

1. Computer Sales Business

Computer sales are another profitable venture in Kenya. The reason for this is that most homes use computers for work, study, or enjoyment, and they constantly require computer repair services and new equipment because computers break down.

You can establish a computer sales firm if you know how to repair computers or buy used equipment and resell it as new.

Because they reach more clients than physical storefronts, the most profitable computer sales enterprises operate online. You can make a lot of sales if you have a website and social media profiles where you publicize your business.

2. Car Wash Business


The car washing business is a service industry that can help you earn a lot of money if done well. It involves taking care of vehicles, including cleaning them to look more attractive and boost their resale value.

The most profitable car wash businesses offer services like car detailing because people with high incomes are willing to spend more money on their cars. Car washes are prevalent in most neighborhoods and towns, which means you will have good business if you start one.

3. Cake Baking

Baking and cake making is a profitable business that requires little capital to get started because you only need a small oven to produce cakes, pastries, or bread. Because delivery services reach more customers than physical storefronts, the most profitable bakery business is one that provides delivery services.

You may advertise your business and establish your brand by using social media sites such as Facebook. So go to social networking sites right now, register an account if you don’t already have one, and learn how to use them for advertising.

4. Cosmetics Business

Cosmetics businesses are a wonderful investment. You can begin earning money in Kenya. The primary company sells cosmetic products such as nail polish and other skin and hair care items.

You can also provide beauty services like manicures, pedicures, and makeup. This form of business takes little capital because all you need is a location and some cosmetic products.

Cosmetics companies thrive in urban regions such as Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu, where many people can afford your services or products.

5. Laundry Services

Laundry businesses are an excellent business to start in Kenya. They are profitable and available for rent almost everywhere, even in slums.

You can start a laundry service like dry cleaning or washing clothes with whatever equipment you have, like a washing machine at home.

The laundry businesses are very profitable because people usually need them. After all, clothes get dirty. The most profitable laundry businesses use advanced washing machines to make them faster and more efficient.

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6. Travel Agency