MC Gogo, meet the Young Kenyan Entertainer who has taken the Industry by Storm

Franklin Mark Gogo, often known as MC Gogo, is a prominent event MC, commercial model, brand influencer, and voice-over artist.

In the past year, the 25-year-old has become a social media sensation, particularly on TikTok, where he broadcasts video excerpts from his live events.

As a result of this, MC Gogo has over 400,000 followers and 4 million likes on TikTok alone.

Age and Place of Birth

MC Gogo

MC Gogo was born and raised in the Nairobi County of Dandora.

In an interview with Nairobi News, the artist stated that as a child, he never saw himself as an MC.

It wasn’t until an MC for a church event became unwell that he was given the job of hosting the event.

He mentioned that he loved performing in events after the incident.

“The event was really good and from there on, I loved the microphone and considered it as something that I could do,” he added.

It didn’t take long for MC Gogo to start going out and looking for emceeing gigs on his own.

“I started looking for events within my neighborhood and I would work with CBOs, even if they don’t pay, at least I’ve gotten the exposure,” he went on to say.

When the first COVID-19 case was recorded in Kenya and preventative measures were implemented, MC Gogo was out of business.

As a result, he met down with two of his DJ buddies and explored ways to survive the COVID-19 pandemic while still making a career.

They sought a mutual buddy who worked for a local non-profit and offered their idea to him.

“We wanted to do Facebook live shows and needed a recording space.” He said we may try it on Friday. We tried on Friday, and the response was fantastic. That’s how we started the shows,” he remarked, referring to the period when MC Gogo considered registering a TikTok account, despite having sworn never to do so.