Machakos University Closed Indefinitely Amid Students Unrest

Machakos University closed down indefinitely today after students went on a rampage demanding the end of insecurity in their neighborhood.

After students at Machakos University went on the rampage early on Wednesday, engaging police in running battles and bringing traffic on the busy Machakos-Wote road to a halt, the university has been shut down indefinitely.

The university’s vice chancellor explained the decision in a memo to all students, noting that it was influenced by the ongoing student protests as well as the changing security situation around the university.

The VC claims that a special meeting held on December 7 decided to close the university immediately.

The university has instructed students to leave the school grounds immediately, and further information regarding the resume of instruction will be conveyed, according to the university.

The most recent incident occurs just after students went on a rampage, allegedly in response to news that a student who had been hit by a stray bullet during the Monday rallies had passed away at the Machakos Level 5 Hospital.

After one of the students was allegedly waylaid by thugs and died from his injuries at the Kenyatta National Hospital, protests against the enhanced security around the college broke out.

Cases of insecurity near universities have been reported in the last few months with students facing it out with thugs and muggers who rob them of their belongings such as laptops and phones.

In November this year, Keragan Githua, a student from Strathmore University was Stabbed to death by thugs who had accosted him at Ridgeways, Kiambu County.  It is reported that Kegan had tried to resist the thugs from robbing him which resulted in the ugly scene.

Keagan had just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Strathmore University and was working with a company named Kenya RE.

After recently receiving his degree in information technology from Strathmore University, Keagan Githua, 24, began working with Kenya RE.

The government has been trying to beef up security within institutions of higher learning and urban centers which have become the target of the robbery.

Speaking to Journalists at a past event, minister for Internal security Prof Kithure Kindiki promised to deal decisively with the issue of insecurity around the country.