List of Stanbic Bank Branches in Nairobi

This is a list of Stanbic Bank branches in Nairobi. Stanbic Bank is one of the 38 banks licensed to operate in Kenya.

It was created on June 1, 2008, as a consequence of a merger between CfC Bank and Stanbic Bank. The largest provider of financial services in South Africa, Standard Bank Group, owns the Tier 1 bank.

The merger of CFC Bank and Stanbic Bank was authorized by CFC Bank shareholders at an extraordinary general meeting on November 12, 2007. In Kenyan history, this was the biggest banking merger before that between NIC Bank and Commercial Bank of Africa happened in 2019.

The Stanbic Bank Centre on Chiromo Road in Westlands houses the bank’s main office. In total, they have 25 branches throughout Kenya.

List of Stanbic Bank Branches in Nairobi

1. Stanbic Bank Kenya Head Office

Location: Stanbic Centre, Chiromo Road, Westlands, Nairobi

Contacts: 020 326 8104, 020 326 8387

2. Stanbic Bank Galleria Branch

Location: 1st Floor, Galleria Mall

Contacts: 020 326 8065, 020 326 8000

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3. Stanic Bank Kenyatta Avenue Branch

Location: Stanbic Bank Building Kenyatta Avenue

Contacts: 0711 068 382, 020 326 8193

4. Stanbic Bank Industrial Area Branch

Location:  Kenply House, Dar es Salam Road

Contacts: 020 398 4100, 020 326 8000

5. Stanbic Bank International House Branch

Location: International House, City Hall Way

Contacts: 020 363 8353, 0711 068 097

6. Stanbic Bank Upper Hill Branch

Location: Upperhill Medical Centre, Ralph Bunche Road

Contacts: 020 363 8745, 0711 068 378

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