List of 10 Major Cities and Towns in Kenya

Kenya is endowed with major cities and towns spread across 47 counties and the former provincial regions. So, which are the largest cities in Kenya? Unquestionably, one of the most beautiful countries in the world is Kenya.

Kenya gives you a wide range of alluring locations and is known for its warm and hospitable citizens.

Wildlife, lovely foliage, agreeable weather, and a variety of cultures are among them, owing to the more than 40 ethnic groups.

Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu are the three major cities of Kenya, a country that has 47 counties.

There are further significant towns that are well-known for a variety of things, including agriculture and industrialization.

These cities significantly contribute to Kenya’s current economic prosperity.

In this post, we discuss the top 10 cities in Kenya along with their most notable attributes.

List of 10 Major Cities and Towns in Kenya

1. Nairobi

Major Cities and Towns in Kenya
View of Nairobi City from Uhuru Park. Photo/Courtesy

Nairobi, the capital and largest city in Kenya, is also known as the “Green City in the Sun.”

The Maasai word Enkare Nairobi, which means “a place of calm waters,” is the source of the name Nairobi. The Nairobi River, which runs through the city, is mentioned in the title.

The Iconic KICC building, which was commissioned by the founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta in 1967, is also found at the core of Nairobi City’s CBD.

Nairobi had a population of 4, 397, 073 people as of the 2019 census, whereas the metropolitan had a population of 9354,580.

It has a 696 km2 (269 sq mi) surface area.

The Nairobi National Park, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Giraffe Center, Bomas of Kenya, monuments, museums, nature parks, and thriving nightlife are among Nairobi’s key attractions.

Do you wish to visit Kenya only once? The best place to be is Nairobi.

2. Mombasa



Kenya’s second-largest metropolis and commercial center is Mombasa City. The White and Blue City is another name for the town, which borders the Indian Ocean.

According to the 2019 census, there are 1, 208, 333 people living there. On the other side, 3, 528, 940 people live in its metropolitan area.

The Moi International Airport, a number of popular tourist destinations, and a thriving nightlife are all located there.

Mombasa is a popular tourist destination as well; both local and foreign visitors frequently travel to the shore for vacations.

Visit Fort Jesus while you are there to learn more about Mombasa’s rich history.

3. Kisumu

Major Cities and Towns

In addition to being the third-largest city in Kenya, Kisumu serves as the regional capital of western Kenya. The term Kisumu refers to a marketplace for the batter.

According to the 2019 Kenya National Census, Kisumu City has a population of roughly 750,000, however, there are 1,334, 574 people living in the Metropolitan Area.

It serves as a port town for the shipping of products to and from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda.

Its primary tourist destinations include the Kisumu Museum, Kisumu Dunga Beach, Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, Hippo Point, and Ndere Island National Park. Kisumu is located on the banks of Lake Victoria.

Do not forget to sample the delectable tilapia cooked right in the pan after being plucked from the lake.

4. Nakuru

Nakuru City. Photo/Courtesy

Nakuru is Kenya’s fourth-largest urban center after Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu. renowned for its manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture.

Prior to devolution, it served as the administrative center of Rift Valley Province and is now the county seat of Nakuru.

About 500,000 people called Nakuru home as of 2018. It is also 1850 meters above sea level.

The Lake Nakuru National Park, the second-largest volcanic crater in the world, Menengai Crater, and Hyrax Hill Prehistoric Site are among the city’s popular tourist destinations.

5. Eldoret

Major Cities and Towns in Kenya

The fifth major city in Kenya Eldoret is the capital of Uasin Gishu County.

It is found south of Cherengani Hills in the Rift Valley.

With a population of 400,000 in 2019, Eldoret is the fastest-growing town in Kenya.

Also, Eldoret is home to the legendary Kenyan athletes who have dominated marathons in the world.

At this point, it won’t be fair to ignore the fact that superhero Eliud Kipchoge who finished the marathon in less than two hours, hails from Eldoret.

It is among the major cities and towns in Kenya.

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6. Kitale

Major Cities and Towns in Kenya

Another significant city and Kenya’s food hub is Kitale Town.

It is mostly an agricultural city situated between Mount Elgon and the Cherengani Hills.

While there are favorable weather conditions for various agricultural products, the principal cash crop in this region is maize.

Sunflowers, tea, coffee, beans, and pyrethrum are further cash crops.

Visit the Kitale Museum and the Agroforestry Center as well while you are in Kitale.

It also has Kenya’s smallest national park, the Saiwa Marsh, which is well-known for its unique Sitatunga aquatic antelope.

It is among the major cities and towns in Kenya.

7. Malindi


Malindi is one of the biggest cities in Kenya and is also a beach town like Mombasa. Malindi town is Kilifi County’s major urban center.

It is mostly a tourist destination and is situated close to the Gelena River. It is well-known to Italian tourists.

Malindi Airport and the Broglio Space Center are also located there.

8. Kakamega


Western Kenya is home to Kakamega County’s capital city. Kakamega is Kenya’s second-most populous town after Nairobi.

Agriculture is the main economic activity in this area.

The Kakamega forest and the wailing stone are two of its many tourist attractions.

Ilesi’s crying stone is 40 meters tall and looks like a person who is crying.

It is among the major cities and towns in Kenya.

9. Nyeri

Major Cities and Towns in Kenya

Nyeri Town, the capital of Nyeri County, is located in the central highlands. North of Nairobi, the town is located 150 kilometers away.

It is positioned between the western slopes of Mount Kenya and the eastern side of the Abadeare Range.

The population of Nyeri town was projected at 325,357 as per the 2009 census.

In addition to being a farming community, it is also the location of Lord Robert Baden Powell’s tomb, who started the scout movement.

Wangari Maathai, a Nobel Prize winner, and the late independence warrior Dedan Kimathi all hail from the county.

Mount Kenya, The Aberdares National Park, and the Eastern Rift Valley are all popular tourist destinations in Nyeri town.

You can also explore the MauMau caves and Dedan Kimathi’s hiding places to learn more about the town’s rich past.

10. Thika

Thika- Chania River Falls at Blue Post Hotel. Photo/Courtesy

Thika town is another major city and is mainly an industrial town.

With an approximate population of 200, 000 people, Thika town is famous for pineapple production.

Other activities are the textile and mill industries. Also, it is home to the Fourteen Falls and the Chania River Falls, which are major tourist attractions.

It is among the major cities and towns in Kenya.

Conclusion: Major Cities and Towns in Kenya

There are many cities and towns in Kenya, but these are the major ones that are set to achieve city status in the coming years. These major cities and towns also serve as the capital cities of their respective counties.

They are famous because of their population, vibrant economies, and tourist attractions.

Going through their histories, you will realize that they were the main towns in the colonial era. Also, they were used as business centers by the colonialists.