Kenyans who went Missing and have Never been found

A good number of Kenyans who went missing have not been found to date, however, there are those who were in the limelight before vanishing.

In Kenya, you can only file a missing person report for a loved one after 48 hours have passed. Families in some cases have been searching for their loved ones for decades while others have only had 48 hours to find them.

Someone going missing without a trace might have a variety of reasons, such as being abducted, killed, committing suicide, or having mental health issues. Several families are still sobbing as they watch their gates and wait in vain for their loved ones to return home.

It can be a laborious, time-consuming, emotionally, and financially taxing task to look for a missing loved one.

Below are the names of some Kenyans who went missing and have never been found to this date.

Kenyans who went Missing and have never been found

1. Kungu Karumba

Kenyans who went Missing and have never been found

The family of freedom warrior Kung’u Karumba is one of many who have been waiting for years. As one of the Kapenguria six, his family has been waiting for him for 43 years.

He vanished in 1974 while on a business trip to Uganda, and it’s possible that he was involved in the political unrest of the time. The most puzzling aspect of his disappearance is that there has never been any evidence of his passing, which has encouraged his family to hold out hope.

2. Mwenda Mbijiwe

Kenyans who went Missing
Missing Security Analyst Mwenda Mbijiwe. Photo/Courtesy

As Mwenda Mbijiwe’s mother pleaded with President William Ruto for assistance in bringing her son back home, the county felt the grief of a mother deeply. The security expert and former Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) officer frequently appeared on TV to discuss various topics.

His disappearance story began on June 12, 2021. His vehicle was discovered close to Tatu City, and the location of his phone was Thika in Kiambu County.

3. Bogonko Bosire

Kenyans who went Missing
Bogonko Bosire. Photo/Courtesy

After losing David Bosire, the family patriarch, the family of journalist Bogonko Bosire, who vanished without a trace eight years ago, was forced into mourning this year. Shortly after learning that his son Bogonko was missing, the patriarch began ailing.