Interesting Facts About Gor Mahia FC, Achievements, and Much More

Interesting facts about Gor Mahia; Gor Mahia was officially founded on February 17th, 1968 after the merger of two Luo teams, Luo Star FC and Luo Union FC.

The name Gor Mahia was derived from a powerful Luo medicine man, Gor Wuod Nyakwar Ogalo from Kanyamwa in Homa Bay County. The man was believed to have magical powers that enhanced his recovery whenever he attended to a patient.

The club was then nicknamed K’Ogallo which simply means the House of Ogallo. The name was also associated with the same prominent Luo hero, Gor Wuod who was the son of Oganda and grandson of Ogallo.

Gor Mahia Interesting Facts
Gor Mahia VS Everton (Photo/Courtesy)

Leadership and Management

Having originated from the Luo land, the club’s original founders included the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, a renowned politician who also served as a vice president back in the day. The late Tom Mboya was also part of the leadership.

In 2001, Raj Binder Singh took the helm as the new chairman of the club, becoming the first Kenyan of Asian origin to lead a senior football team.

Currently, the club’s management team consists of five officials including,

  • Ambrose Rachier- Chairman
  • Francis Wasuna- Vice Chairman
  • Sam Ochola- Secretary-General
  • Dolfina Odhiambo- Treasurer
  • Cephas Okuku- Co-Opted EC Member.

Coach and Assistant Coach

All the field affairs of Gor Mahia are currently being managed by a foreign coach German Andreas Speir who took the helm on February 1, 2022, after Harrison was shown the door due to a string of poor performances. The Romania native is being assisted by Michael Nam.

Gor Mahia FC Official Uniform and Stadium

The celebrated club participates in the Kenya Premier League (KPL) which is under the Confederation of African Football (CAF). The K’Ogalla boys are well known for their trademark look of a green uniform with white stripes. In most of their away games, they are always rocking a white uniform with green stripes.

The club was officially launched in Kenya’s Capital City and choose City Stadium as its official ground.

Gor Mahia’s Energetic Fans and Rivalry With AFC Leopards

Gor Mahia Interesting Facts
Gor Mahia Fans (Photo/Courtesy)

K’Ogallo is one of the teams in Africa with the most electrifying cheering squad alias the “Green Army”. On top of that, it’s the only team with hardcore fans and most loyal fans that can do anything for the sake of the club.

Most of the fans are from the Lakeside and they can travel from any corner of the country to make sure they don’t miss the Gor Mahia’s game.

Speaking of team rivalry Gor Mahia’s biggest rival is AFC Leopards famously known as “Ingwe”. The two are KPL giants and their rivalry goes way back to 1968 when they first met. The two are known for a popular Kenyan derby dubbed ‘Mashemeji derby’ that leaves many businesses in CBD closed fearing the outcomes of the derby result.

On several occasions, the two teams have been involved in huge havoc following field results which go all the way to the nearest town. The most hilarious part about the two teams is that their match usually ends with showers of stones coming from every corner of the pitch.

Gor Mahia Fans

Rivalry With Sofa Paka

Sofa Paka, commonly known as “Batoto ba Mungu” is also part of Gor Mahia’s rivals, in 2014 the two teams met in Machakos and Sofa Paka ended up thrashing Gor Mahia 1-0.

The win didn’t sit well with the rowdy Gor Mahia fans as they took things outside the field and protest the win closing the Mombasa road for the better part of the day.

The closure of Mombasa road was just a trailer as they turned Machakos town upside down despite businesses premises being closed. The Machakos residents had to join the police in controlling the situation.

The same year Gor Mahia fans were involved in another destruction incident where they landed on flamingos posted at their team founder’s, Tom Mboya sculpture and plucked their heads.

Gor Mahia FC Achivements

Gor Mahia
Gor Mahia lifts the 2018 League Championship Cup (Photo/Courtesy)

Their dominance in the football world began in 1976 when they won the national league unbeaten. In 1987, they made history after they won the African Cup Winner’s Cup, becoming the first team in Kenya as well as the first team in the CECAFA region to do so.

At the moment the KPL giants are leading with most league titles after carrying in 19 times. In addition, it has also secured 11 FKF President’s Cups.

Gor Mahia’s Worth and Salaries

Being one of the best teams in Kenya the same reciprocates in matters of finance. The club is valued at an estimated amount of Kes 57.2 million.

Having a huge following the club also harvest well in gate fee. Sponsors are also a huge part of K’Ogallo’s financial contribution. At the moment the club’s primary sponsor is Betsafe which contributes about Ksh 55 million per year.

Due to the recent financial crisis within the club, players’ salary now ranges from Ksh 90k to 100k.

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