How To Replace A Lost Title Deed In Kenya

This is a how-to guide for replacing a lost title deed in Kenya. A title deed is a vital document that serves as proof of a person’s right to own land or property.

Replacing a title deed can be a stressful and time-consuming process. As a result, it is critical to keep the document in a safe and secure location.

How To Replace A Lost Title Deed In Kenya

1. Obtain a police abstract

  • Report to the nearest police station and collect an abstract implying that you have lost or misplaced your title deed.
  • You can also print the police abstract from the official site of the National Police Service and deliver it to the nearest police station for stamping.

2. Apply for a search of the lost title deed

  • This is done at the Registrar of Lands’ office to ensure that the registry files prove you are the legitimate proprietor of the land in question.

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3. Swear an affidavit to confirm the loss of the title deed

  • You will be obliged to swear an affidavit outlining the circumstances surrounding the loss of your title deed.
  • You will fill out a request form, which will be submitted to the Registrar of Lands along with the police abstract.

4. Place a caveat to protect your land or property from an illegal transaction.

  • This is done to avoid any illegal transactions involving your lost title deed.
  • This can be easily accomplished by seeking the assistance of a registered advocate, who will advise you accordingly.

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5. Publishing of your name in the Kenya Gazette.

  • Once the registrar of lands is satisfied that your title deed is lost, he or she will publicize your name in the Kenya Gazette, providing a 60-day notice of the loss of your title deed.
  • To have your name published, you must pay a fee to the government printer.

6. The Registrar of Lands confirms the entire process.

  • The Registrar of Lands will affirm that the entire process was followed correctly. This is after the 60-day period has expired. He or she will approve the allotment of a new title deed.

7. The new title deed is issued

  • Once all the requisite entries have been made, the registrar of lands will issue the new title deed to the registered owner.
  • If the lost title deed is discovered, it should be addressed to the land registrar for cancellation.

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