How to Apply for KMTC Admission in Kenya

Here is a manual on how to apply for KMTC admission in Kenya. In 1990, the Ministry of Health established the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) as a state entity by a parliamentary act.

In order to serve Kenyan interests as well as those of East Africa and beyond, KMTC has been given the responsibility of teaching numerous specialties in the health industry.

More than 85% of the local middle-level labor in Kenyan healthcare facilities is made up of graduates from the KMTC.

All KMTC admission applications must be submitted online via the application portal found on the website.

Each academic year, prospective students apply for admission to courses. After that, the chosen candidates are assigned to one of the 71 KMTC campuses spread out countrywide.

Application Process for KMTC Admission

1. For more information on the many degrees offered and their unique entry requirements, prospective candidates are suggested to visit the application portal via, read the advertisement, or browse the college brochure admissions portal.

2. Following that, qualified and interested individuals are encouraged to read the pre- and in-service application guidelines posted on the application portal.

3. To secure entry into the application process, candidates are urged to carefully follow the instructions provided in the application guideline until the very end.

4. You should be aware that once a course is filled, the application period is closed.


All KMTC applicants are asked to make sure their applications are completed accurately so they can compete fairly for open training positions.

The KMTC offers a number of courses at various levels and with differing admissions standards.
Choose the course you want to take and confirm that you are eligible.
Schedule your training at KMTC with adequate time, money, and social support.
Since there are campuses for KMTC all throughout the country, be prepared to start your course there if you are successful.
Be sure to adhere to the applicable rules and submit your application on time and accurately.