How To Apply For Equity Wings To Fly Scholarship 2023

The Equity Wings To Fly Secondary School Scholarship Program application instructions for 2023 are provided in this document.

Candidates who match the requirements can now apply for the 2023 Equity Wings To Fly Scholarship program following the publication of the KCPE results for 2022. In order to assist academically bright but economically and socially disadvantaged young Kenyans, the Equity Group Foundation and the MasterCard Foundation established the Wings To Fly scholarship program in 2011.

26,304 kids from low-income homes have received financial support from the program to attend secondary school thus far. Beneficiaries of the program are chosen from Kenya’s 47 counties depending on how well they performed on the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) test.

Applications for the Equity Wings To Fly Scholarship are accepted online, at all Equity Bank locations, and through Equity Agents. The Community Scholarship Selection Board (CSSB), which is presided over by the County or sub-County Director of Education and is comprised of prominent community leaders, chooses the scholarship recipients.

Equity Wings To Fly Scholarship Requirements for 2023

A successful Wings to Fly Scholarship candidate should be:

1. Academically Promising—top-performing student in their Sub-County according to the results of the KCPE in 2022.

2. Orphans or those from disadvantaged backgrounds (as described below):

  • Evidence in the form of Death Certificates/Burial Permits/Letters from Your Chief should be attached for children who have lost one or both parents and have no relative, guardian, or sponsor to pay for their secondary school.
  • Children without a relative, guardian, or sponsor to pay for their secondary education who have parents who are physically or mentally incapable to educate them.
  • Medical records should be requested for children whose parents have HIV/AIDS or other chronic debilitating conditions, are unable to educate their kids, and lack a family, guardian, or sponsor to pay for their secondary education.
  • Children from families who have experienced a natural disaster, such as flooding, a drought, a famine, or a civil war, are unable to educate their children and lack a relative, guardian, or sponsor who will pay for their secondary education. This is due to the family’s present living situation.
  • Children who have been neglected, abandoned, orphaned, and who lack a sponsor, guardian, or relative to pay for their secondary education.
  • Children whose parents are in severe poverty and who lack a sponsor, relative, or guardian to pay for their secondary education.

How To Apply For Equity Wings To Fly Scholarship 2023 Online

For consideration, the applicant must open a new account on the Equity Wings To Fly website at and complete the 2023 application form.

1. Access the login page using

2. Login Page

To start, click Create an Account. Your browser will take you to a new website where you can sign up for the Foundation. Complete all of the available fields.

3. Activate the Account

An activation code will be issued to your phone through SMS and email after you complete the registration form and submit it.

[If offered]. To activate your account, enter the code and press the “Activate Account” button.

4. Scholarship Application

After successfully logging in, you will be taken to a new page where you can apply for open scholarships. Click Apply after reading the scholarship’s description. Click the Save Changes button after completing all the fields required in each stage to submit your information.

5. The last step

The last step is to examine or change any element of the application by clicking the “Submit Application” (button).

You will be redirected back to the application dashboard, which shows the Application Status, after reviewing and submitting your application. By selecting the “View Application” button, the beneficiary can see more information about their application.

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Things to note

  • 2022 KCPE candidates alone may submit this application.
  • In order to assess an application for a scholarship or award, the Equity Group
  • Foundation Community Scholarship Selection Board (CSSB) will use the information supplied in the online form to better understand their academic and financial situation.
  • The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are all required fields and must be completed.
  • Equity Group Foundation will not accept any applications that are missing the necessary supporting documentation if the online application form is not completed completely and honestly.
  • To complete the online application, you must have soft or scanned copies of the following documents:
  • Slippery KCPE Results (official KNEC slip or signed & stamped paper from the school)
  • If your father or mother passed away, a copy of their death certificate
  • Proof of financial assistance (if they have received support in the past)
  • Manifestation of unique needs (if they have indicated special needs)
  • If parents or guardians are employees, business owners, or persons, a copy of a pay stub or bank statement is required.
  • Declaration signed by the applicant and a parent or guardian
  • Birth Certificate Copies

Application and recommendation forms completed by the head teacher, the provincial government, the religious leader, and any other authority figure

The form’s completion and submission do not ensure sponsorship. Interview invitations will only be extended to shortlisted candidates. Any fabrications, omissions, or falsified paperwork will result in immediate disqualification.