Five Students who Topped KCPE And What They Are Currently Doing

Exelling in KCPE does not necesarilly mean one will  do the same in KCSE. Infact, most of the students who perform well in KCPE end up performing poorly in KCSE. However, there are others who perform exemplary well in both exams and go on to join the bst universities undertaking some of the best courses in the market.

A group of students who excelled in KCPE went on to excel in KCSE and university. These are students were determined to demonstrate the world that their success in KCPE was not an accident but the consequence of hard work.

In this article, Jambo Daily looks at these academic heroes, their accomplishments, and what they are doing now.

Students who Topped KCPE And What They Are Currently Doing

1. Peter Kamenju Njoroge


He finished first in the KCPE 2009 with 438 points out of a possible 500.

Kamenju, who attended Lily Academy in Githuai, was one of the few candidates who were able to fulfill his desire of attending Alliance High School.

His goal job was to be a surgeon.

He earned a BSC in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Nairobi (UON) School of Medicine in 2019.

In media appearances, he stated that tests are not a test of intelligence, but rather of discipline and organization.

2. Naeem Samnakay

He broke the record by becoming the first student in history to win both the KCPE and the KCSE exams.

In 1985, he headed the pack of KCPE candidates. Four years later, as an Alliance High School student, he set another record by passing the KCSE with a perfect score.

Samnakay enrolled in the University of Western Australia (UWA), where she earned a master’s degree in medical science and an honors degree in medical school.

3. Abbas Naeem Essajjee

Abbas Naeem Essajjee was the highest student of Aga Khan Primary School in the 2009 KCPE exams, getting 431 points.

He turned down the opportunity to attend Alliance High School in favor of attending Aga Khan High School, a day school.

He continued his achievement in the 2013 KCSE exams, ranking 20th nationally with a score of 86.831.

He, like Kamenju, chose to study medicine and graduated from the University of Nairobi in 2019.

His Mombasa home is decorated with images, medals, and awards commemorating his accomplishments.

4. John Adams Nalo

He was also one of the top ten KCPE 2009 performers from the coast province, with 423 points.

He enrolled at Starehe High School, received an A-minus in KCSE, and then enrolled at the University of Nairobi School of Law. He received his diploma in 2019.

He then interned at Hamilton, Harrison, and Mathews Law Firm before attending Kenya School of Law.

He is presently a High Court of Kenya-accredited advocate.

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5. Marita Nyakundi Calvin

He broke the record for the highest KCPE exam marks ever in Kenyan history.

The Busara Forest View Academy alumnus received 482 points out of a possible 500, for a 97 percent average. That was back in 2003.

His outstanding performance carried over to Starehe Boys’ Centre. He enrolled at the University of Nairobi (UON) in 2010.

He earned a Bachelor of Medicine from the university and will graduate in December 2020.

Nyakundi joined Nairobi Women’s Hospital as a medical officer in August 2021 after being accredited by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council (KMPDC).

6. Orori Conrad Ongoi

He’s from Homa Bay County. In the 2009 KCPE exams, he finished first in Nyanza province, obtaining 438 points out of a possible 500.

He eventually transferred to Nakuru High and received a straight A in the 2013 KCSE.

He then enrolled at Kenya’s Technical University to study geospatial engineering. He had aspired to be an engineer since elementary school.

In following media appearances, he stated that, while innate intellect is vital for academic success, hard work is equally essential.