DJ Kalonje Biography, Age Career Education, Family, Wife, Networth

George Waweru, better known by his stage name Dj Kalonje is a popular figure in the Kenyan Dj segment who has played a big role in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Apart from his Dj career, Dj Kalonje is also a businessman, mixologist, audio and video editor, a father, and an entrepreneur who owns a DJ academy and an entertainment firm dubbed Mixxmasters entertainment.

The much-celebrated Kenyan Dj is mostly known for his mouth-watering mixtapes which are mostly played in nightclubs, campus events, and matatus.

Dj Kalonje Birth and Age.

George was born on January 01 1987 in Nairobi. He grew up in Nairobi with his family before developing an interest in Deejaying, which elevated him to the international figure that he is now.

Education Background.

Dj Kalonje attended his primary school education in Nairobi before proceeding to Meru school for his high school education.

During his days in high school, he developed an unmatched interest in music and sound mixing particularly the disk jockey section.

He however did not finish his high school education as he quit to chase his career in music and sound mixing techniques.

DJ Kalonje Career Journey.

Upon quitting high school education, Kalonje went back to his hood in Nairobi where he was hooked up with an entertainment firm identified as City Rollers.

Between the years 2006 and 2008, Kalonje dedicated his time to learning the art of deejaying while fully concentrating on his goal of becoming the best Dj in Kenya. True to his objective, he finally emerged out knowledgeable and fully equipped to practice what he had learned.

Kalonje first appeared in the limelight in 2010 when his mixtapes went viral across the whole country especially in major cities and towns. Initially, Kalonje used to record his mixtapes and hawk them along the streets of Nairobi to anyone who would be willing to buy.

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He would normally sell one mixtape at Ksh 50 and sometimes had rough encounters with the city council officers as he did not have a business permit at that time. Despite all the challenges, he remained true to his goal and continued with his work relentlessly.

As part of the progress, Kalonje learned that there was a huge opportunity in the matatu industry where he could sell his mixtapes and earn himself income as well as fame and popularity.

Consequently, Kalonje started selling out his mixtapes to the matatus especially those plying various routes among Nairobi estates who would play his music to entertain the commuters during their short rides across the city highways and estates.

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The Dj would record mixtapes specially tailored for city dwellers and distribute them to various matatu Saccos operating in Nairobi estates. His mixes became a favorite bite of entertainment to most city dwellers especially the young generation. Eventually, his music mixtapes spread across the country, and soon the name DJ Kalonje was trending all over the country for all good reasons.