List of Countries With The Similar Flags

This article contains a list of countries with similar flags. One of the most easily recognizable emblems of a country’s identity is its flag. People usually distinguish which flag belongs to which country, especially given the importance of flags during international athletic events like the World Cup and the Olympics.

Confusion can occur when two or more countries with similar flags are participants in an international event.

In no particular order, here are some of the countries that have similar flags all over the world.

Countries with similar flags

1. Guinea, Mali, and Senegal

Guinea and Mali’s flags have similarly colored stripes. Their colors differ somewhat, but the main distinction is the order. Guinea’s flag is essentially Mali’s but reversed (and vice versa).

Senegal’s flag is similar to Mali’s, however, it has a star in the center.

Guinea Flag
mali flag
counties with similar flags
Senegal Flag

2. Kenya and South Sudan

Countries with similar flags
Kenyan Flag/Photo/courtesy
South Sudan flag

Kenya’s and South Sudan’s flags share a similar black, white, red, and green stripe pattern, but are distinguished by a shield and star, respectively. Both flags’ stripes have the same symbolic meaning–they symbolize Pan-Africanism.

3. The United States of America, Malaysia, and Liberia

USA Flag
Malaysia flag
Liberia Flag

4. Chad and Romania

counties with similar flags
Romania flag

5. India and Niger