Best Domain Name Registration Companies In Kenya.

What is a domain.

A Domain Name is an identification string that identifies a network domain or represents an internet protocol (IP) resource such as a personal computer used to access the internet, a server computer system hosting a website or several websites and any other service passed through the internet.

A domain name usually defines a monarchy of administrative autarchy, control and authority within the internet. Domains are formed through the rules and procedures of the domain name system (DNS) and any name registered in the DNS is considered as a domain name.

Anyone who wishes to own a website, whether a blog, an E-Commerce or institutional website must register a domain to be able to purchase hosting and have their web pages visible on the internet.

Domains names are registered by Domain Name Registrars who are licensed and registered to sell domain registration services to the public. These registrars may provide only domain registration services or both domain registration and web hosting services. However, most companies offer both services for the purpose of convenience.

History of Domain Names.

According to Wikipedia, the first commercial internet domain name in the TLD com was registered on 15 March 2015 under the address name by Symbolics Inc., a computer systems company in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Since then, many domain names had been registered under various companies, institutions government and non-governmental organizations. By 1992, approximately 15,000 domain names had been registered. By 2017, More than 330 million names had been registered.

In Kenya, there are many internet companies and organisations offering domain registration and web hosting services. Most of these companies also offer web design and management services. Certainly, not all of these companies offer the best services that a client requires. Some of these registrars are listed here.

Best domain registration companies in Kenya.

1. Website Hosting Kenya.
2. Truehost Kenya.
3. Kenya Web Experts.
4. Deep Africa.
5. Safaricom Limited.
6. Webhost Kenya.
7. Afriregister.
8. EAC Directory.
9. Orawebhost.
10. Hostpoa.

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Factors to consider before registering a domain name.

1. Ensure there are no hidden charges.
2. Privacy protection and privacy.
3. Don’t accept free domains without hosting services.
4. Domain renewal services to avoid losing domain name.
5. Customer support services.