Wangui wa Ngirici Bio, Career, Age, Education, Family, Investments, Politics, Husband and Net Worth

Wangui wa Ngirici is a Kenyan business woman and politician currently serving as the women representative for Kirinyaga County in the Kenyan Parliament.

She joined active politics in 2017 after she decided to cast her nets into the women Rep contest. Prior to that, she led a rather lowkey personal life while concentrating on her businesses and family affairs.

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Her journey to political success began when she won the Jubilee party primaries for Kirinyaga women Rep. She combined efforts with her husband in the much contested general elections campaigns and emerged the Victor in the end.

Wangui wa Ngirici Age and Place of Birth


Ngirici was born and raised in Kirinyaga County, central Kenya. Her year of birth is 1978 and she is aged 43 at the time of this publication.

Purity Ngirici Educational Background

Ngirici attended a local primary school and later joined Karoti Secondary School. She holds a Bachelors of Commerce degree from London University.

In addition to that, she holds a Masters degree in Human Resource Management from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). 

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Wangui wa Ngirici Career

Upon graduation, Wangui worked for World Food Program, an international NGO for some time before she quit to join her husband in business.

Together with her husband, they began importing and selling tyres and vehicles from abroad. Their business venture became a success and they later expanded their empire into other industries such as media, transport, real estate, and mining.

She later established a foundation that conducted charity works in Kirinyaga County such as free medical camps, providing relief food, and sanitary pads to needy teenage girls.

She also purchased tractors to help rice farmers in desaltation of rice canals with an aim of increasing agricultural productivity in the region.

Wangui wa Ngirici Family

Wangui wa Ngirici with her hubby during his 50th birthday celebration. Photo/Courtesy

Wangui wa Ngirici got married to her husband Andrew Peter Ngirici, a class 4 dropout who initially performed casual jobs to earn a living but later established a successful business empire.

Ngirici and his wife are blessed with 3 children namely Sean Ngirici, Tanya Ngirici, and Dean Ngirici. They are known to lead a lavish lifestyle, featuring high end birthday parties for their children, expensive cars, houses, and other flashy properties.

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Wangui wa Ngirici Politics

Wangui wa Ngirici

Her political career started showing signs of success after winning the jubilee party primaries with a total of 127k votes. Sure enough, she won the general elections with a big margin.

Her relationship with Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru was solid until when she won the elections. Ngirici claimed that Waiguru’s supporters mocked her in her presence and she did nothing to stop it.

This, according to her showed that Waiguru did not respect her and was not happy with her victory. She then took a different path from the governor, citing that respect is a two way traffic.

Wangui wa Ngirici Handshake

After the Handshake between president Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga, two political alliances, (Kieleweke and Tangatanga) were formed in the country.

While Waiguru seemed to align herself on Kieleweke side, Ngirici was largely associated with William Ruto’s Tangatanga side and would accompany him on various political rallies.

This branded him as a stount supporter of the deputy president and her name was mentioned severally in Tangatanga rallies as she was called to adress the crowds.

Wangui wa Ngirici Rivalry with Anne Waiguru

Wangui wa Ngirici
Wangui wa Ngirici with Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru. Photo/Courtesy

Wangui went ahead to establish a parallel campaign dubbed ‘Ngirici and Sons Rescue Team’ that was meant to offer healthcare, water and ambulance services to Kirinyaga County residents.

At the time, Waiguru’s government was deemed to have failed on such crucial areas, forcing the likes of Ngirici to intervene.

She later converted the offices of the rescue team into UDA party center in a bid to show loyalty to Deputy President. Additionally, her luxury vehicles were rebranded to the yellow and green colors of UDA party.

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Breaking Ranks with Ruto and UDA

Wangui wa Ngirici with deputy president William Ruto and Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru. Photo/Courtesy

Things took a swindle when Waigiru announced quiting Kieleweke and joined UDA in 2021. This move was not welcomed by Ngirici who had since broken her relationship with the governor.

In an interview with The Standard, Ngirici said that she had sensed betrayal and would only concentrate on Kirinyaga politics henceforth. She revealed that she would never accompany Ruto across the country as she previously did.

Wangui wa Ngirici Independent Candidate

Following the turn of events, Ngirici announced ditching UDA in December 2021. She revealed that would not join any political party in the 2022 gubernatorial race. Instead, she would run as an independent candidate. This is after UDA party revealed that it would issue a ticket to Anne Waigiru to run for the Kirinyaga gubernatorial race.

Ngirici has since decamped from UDA and established her own independent political agenda following the ‘betrayal’.

Wangui wa Ngirici Net Worth

Wangui wa Ngirici’s Net Worth is not currently available in the public domain. She is however a wealthy woman with numerous investments that drive massive income into her accounts.