Top Ten Driving Schools in Kenya, Charges and Contacts.

Driving Schools are one of the most popular businesses min Kenya today. Anyone who aspires to become a legitimate driver in Kenya has to undergo a driving course, learn how to drive, and most importantly acquire a driving license.

Similarly, driving trainees are required to undergo and pass a driving test after which they are certified by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), giving them a ticket to drive on Kenyan roads.

There are hundreds of driving schools in Kenya today, certainly not every driving school offers good training for new drivers. Some schools will just teach you the basics and leave it at that, others will take you through a vigorous and in-depth exploration of what driving entails.

This explains why you need to choose an upright driving school to train with when you want to learn to drive.

This article looks into a list of the best 10 driving schools in Kenya, highlighting key features such as infrastructure, equipment, quality of training, skills and experience as well as cost.

Top ten driving schools in Kenya:

1. AA of Kenya (Automobile Association of Kenya)

AA Kenya is the largest and oldest automobile association in Kenya. The firm has over 30 branches countrywide, most of which are located in major urban centers. With its head office located at RCP Building, Upper Hill Nairobi, the company has been in operation in the country for more than one hundred years.

AA PREMIER DRIVING SCHOOL is the brand name of the company’s driving school. Established in 1962, it takes credit as the oldest and the best driving school, not only in Kenya but the whole of East Africa. AA Driving School shares its expertise with other automobile clubs in entire Africa.

The school is widely known for its competence when it comes to training drivers and instructors. The school champions safe and responsible driving through its competent and responsible instructors certified by the government of Kenya.

AA Kenya has trained students both at the local and international levels and is recognized by the government of Kenya, East African Countries, international organizations, and cooperate private sector. If you want to become a competent and respected driver in Kenya, then AA Kenya is the best school to train with.

A typical driving course (Saloon car) at AA of Kenya costs approximately Ksh 20,000 inclusive of other charges including the NTSA fee. A motorbike driving course costs approximately Ksh 8000 inclusive of all other charges.

Apart from driving, AA Kenya offers other Automobile related services such as insurance, Towing and Recovery, Touring and Licensing, Training of Instructors, Driver recruitment, Vehicle Valuation, and driver assessment.

AA Driving School Contacts:

Tel: 0709933011
PO Box 40087- Nairobi

2. Pettans Driving Schools.

Pettans driving school is arguably the most widespread driving school in Kenya with its head office located at Capital House in Moi Avenue, Nairobi. The school has over seventy branches distributed across nine different counties with most of them located in the Nairobi Metropolitan area in all Nairobi Estates.

Upcountry branches are found in central Kenya and eastern regions including Murang’a, Kiambu, Kirinyaga, Embu, and Meru. The school has a fleet of over 300 vehicles that they use to train students in their widespread branches across the country.

A typical driving course at Pettans (saloon car) costs Ksh 13500 while a motorbike cost is Ksh 7500 exclusive of NTSA charges. A plant operator course costs Ksh 45000.

Pettans Driving Schools Contacts:

Head office: Capital House- Moi avenue
P.O Box 1583-00621 Nairobi
Tel -0705050504