Top Ten Best Shopping Malls In Kenya.

Are you for Shopping Malls In Nairobi? Are you thinking of going shopping in Nairobi City and don’t know what place is best for you? Look no more.

Shopping Malls are large shopping centers from which traffic is excluded. They can be referred to as large supermarkets or one-stop shopping joints where you can get a wide range of goods and services ranging from usual home shopping, food, electronics, apparel, furniture, and services such as catering, entertainment, recreation, accommodation, and bonus services such as car park and delivery services.

There are many giant shopping malls located in Kenya, most of which are found in Nairobi City. These Malls provide a variety of goods and services to the people dwelling in the city and its suburbs. Most of the people in the middle class prefer doing their shopping and spending leisure time in malls instead of local shopping or entertainment joints which are usually crowded and unpleasant.

Here is a list of the biggest shopping malls in Nairobi.

1. Two Rivers Mall.

Two Rivers Mall Aerial View

Two Rivers Mall is arguably Kenya’s largest mall designed for shopping, recreation, and entertainment seekers from the great Nairobi City and its environs. Located in Nairobi’s Ruaka neighborhood, the mall features over 200 stalls packed with eateries and shopping joints.

The mall is super attractive especially during the weekends when people flock to the facility in search of entertainment and recreation before carrying a fully packed shopping bag home. The mall is located along Limuru Road at a serene and convenient place easily accessible from any direction.

2. Village Market.

Village Market

Established in 1995, the village Market is one of the oldest shopping malls in Nairobi. It commenced its operations with a mere 10 stalls before it grew to 150 stalls that it currently has.

3. The Hub Karen

The Hub Karen

The Hub Karen is a Mall located in the midst of the lavish Karen estate known to host some of the country’s richest personalities. It is a massive shopping complex with hundreds of shopping, entertainment, and recreational joints. In addition to that, it has a well-equipped and extensive medical and fitness center.

4. Thika Road Mall.

Thika Road Mall

Seated in the Roysambu constituency along Thika Super Highway, the mall serves as the best shopping mall in the area. It is conveniently located at the Roysambu roundabout from where it can be accessed from any direction. The mall, popularly known as TRM has over 100 stores that are suited for shopping, apparels, eateries, and corporate sections. Additionally, that mall has an iconic rooftop parking lot that makes it look unique and appealing.

5. Westgate Mall.