Top Ten Best Deejay Academies in Kenya.

Are you a form four leaver or an enthusiast who is interested in music? Would you like to enroll in a DJ Academy and kick-start your DJ career? Look no more.

DJ Academies are schools dedicated to training disk jockeys (DJs) on how to mix various genres of music and operate sound mixing equipment with an aim of entertaining people. A DJ may work at the radio station, a TV station, a club, or in events such as weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events.

Top Ten Best Deejay Academies in Kenya

There are hundreds of DJ academies in Kenya. Most of these are established by popular DJs with an aim of creating more DJs in the market who can take over the mantle after them. This article looks into a list of the best ten DJ Academies in Kenya.

1. Dohty Family Dj Academy.

Dohty Family Dj Academy is a constituent section of Dohty Family Sounds Limited, an entertainment company that was founded in 2004 by DJ Chris Darlin in 2004 with an aim of entertaining people as the name suggests. The Academy utilizes the top-notch sound equipments at the company to train and equip learners with the necessary skills required in the DJ career.

The company is located at sarakasi dome in Ngara, Nairobi Kenya and has trained a number of reputable Deejays in Kenya such as Dj Moh; the founder of Mohspice Entertainment, Dj Steve among others.

To train as a DJ at Dohty Family, one has to part with ksh 20,000 for a full course which takes approximately 2 months.

To apply, call 0722334627 OR 0700388988. You can also follow them on their facebook page at Dohty Family Deejay Academy.

2. Vibe Sounds DJ Academy.

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Vibe sounds DJ academy is located in Nairobi CBD at Khoja, Gatakani Investment House, Tom Mboya Street. The academy is owned by Kenya’s seasoned Dj Blessing who airs on NTV’S Trend show every Friday from 10 Pm.

To train as a DJ at the academy, one has to part with ksh 32,000 for the course which takes 2 months. A certificate is issued at the end of the study period.

Some of the notable alumni from Vibe sounds include Dj Khalifa of Y254 show and Dj Dj Shix, a female Dj with a good taste for reggae music.

You can contact Vibe Sounds DJ Academy via their office number; 0722679746.

3. Supremacy Sounds DJ Academy.

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The academy is a constituent branch of the renowned Supremacy Sounds Entertainment Company that has graced the Kenyan entertainment scene for many years. The firm is owned by US-based DJ Simple Simon whose name is vey popular among Kenyan reggae music lovers.

To train as a DJ at Supremacy sounds, one has to Dish out Ksh 25,000 for the training which takes two months. A certificate is issued at the end of the training.
Some of the notable alumni from this academy include DJ Miss Ebony, a female Kenyan

DJ and Dj Juan, a renowned TV Dj in Nairobi who has worked for K24 TV.
The outfit is located at Latema Plaza, Tsavo road in Nairobi CBD. You can reach their office through their email address: