Top Searched Questions on Google Over 15 Years.

Google Search Engine has released a list of top searched items globally as it celebrates 15 years since it was founded. Such include top searched celebrities, public figures, journalists, and top searched items such as questions, lyrics, musicians, and many more.

Each and every day, millions of people in the world use Google to search for the information they need online. Google has helped many people solve their problems by providing the best content globally.

Google has a smart service delivery system such that every time you search for an item, it appears instantly with other related topics following closely. In addition, Google provides extra information that may be of importance to the user.

Currently, Google has been ranked as the best search engine in the world, and it isn’t likely to drop any time soon as no other search engine matches its services.

This article outlines a list of top searched questions on Google for the last 15 years.

  1. How to make love
  2. How to kiss
  3. How to write a CV
  4. What is love
  5. How to make money online
  6. How to fuliza
  7. How to cook pilau
  8. What is my IP
  9. How to bake a cake
  10. How to write an application letter

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Every time you are in a disagreement about something, someone is likely to tell you ‘let’s search in google’ or simply ‘let’s google’. It happens that google has saved a lot of people from strenuous knowledge search and unnecessary struggles in obtaining information.

In terms of academics, Google has helped many students go through their college life successfully. Most students rely on google to source information needed in class and work out on assignments.

Also, Google provides a special segment known as google scholar from where students and research persons can draw references for their written work.

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