Top 40 Property Management Companies in Kenya

What is Property/Real Estate Management?

Property management is the act of overseeing residential, commercial or industrial estates by third party contractors. Estate managers take charge of day-to-day activities in the estates which may include repairs, maintenance and security. Their main task is to manage routine tasks assigned to them by the property owners and maintain the property in exchange for income.

The Rise of Real Estate/Property Management.

Over the last few years, the real estate business in Kenya has stormed the market at a very high rate. This has triggered the establishment of real estate and property management agencies in large numbers. Today, most of property owners in Kenya prefer contracting property management firms to run their properties instead of managing by themselves. This makes it easy and convenient for them as they only have to receive their dues at the end of the month, pay the management firms and pocket their profit.

This venture has worked well so far, and the real estate business has continued to grow higher and higher. Some universities and colleges are now offering Real Estate Management as a Course in their academic programs. This indeed signifies that the business is expected to boom in the coming years and all those graduates shall be absorbed into the sector.

There are over 40 known property management companies in Kenya, and the list keeps ballooning every day.

List of Property Management companies in Kenya, contacts and location:

1. Axis Real Estate Ltd

Location: Rahimtulla Tower, Suite 8, Upper Hill Road, Nairobi
Tel: 020-272-4848

2. Ark Consultancy Ltd

Location: Nas Apartments, Jakaya Kikwete Road, Behind Middle East Bank
Tel: 020-272-870

3. Azizi realtors

Location: Lavington Green Shopping Center James Gichuru Road, Nairobi
Tel: 020 263 0000

4. Access Property Managers and Realtors

Location: Viewpark Towers, Utalii street, Nairobi
Tel: 0713422663

5. Anyuki Properties Ltd

Location: Jogoo House B, Harambee Avenue, Nairobi
Tel: 0720573794

6. City Estate Corp Limited

Location: Transnational Plaza, Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi
Tel: 0202227601

7. Crystal Valuers Ltd

Location: Nairobi, Kenya (Head Office)
Tel: 020-3312023

8. Diamond Properties Ltd

Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 0724330000
Website: https://www.diamondproper