Top 10 Bookshops in Nairobi Kenya

This is a list of the top 10 bookshops in Nairobi Kenya. “The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library,” Albert Einstein once said.

Bookstores have always seemed to me like smaller versions of libraries, where you can not only borrow but also buy that novel or book you’ve been eyeing for a while.

I used to act like a kid in a candy store when I was in bookstores because I loved to read and was excited when they restocked the latest copies of my favorite novels.

The smell of new books transports me back to a time when Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys were my favorite books. Although my tastes have evolved and matured over the years, bookstores remain one of my favorite places to spend a Saturday.

Recently, we’ve seen bookstores add cafe sections, which I think is fantastic. Buying books is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine, and the most exciting part of my month is learning the title of our book club’s selection.

Nairobi is endowed with a plethora of bookstores that serve as a haven for book lovers, knowledge enthusiasts, and learners.

This list of the top 10 bookshops will come in handy for anyone who enjoys reading and experiencing all things literary. Some of the favorite Nairobi bookstores are listed below;

Top 10 Bookshops in Nairobi Kenya

1. Textbook Center.

top 10 bookshops

Textbook Centre is one of Kenya’s most popular bookstores, with locations throughout Nairobi and its surrounding areas. They are dependable and meet almost all of your requirements.

They also accept special orders and will contact you when your order arrives. Textbook Centre locations include Thika Road Mall, Junction Mall, Two Rivers Mall, The Hub Karen, Village Market, Garden City Mall, and their well-known Flagship Store at Sarit Centre.

Textbook Centre carries a wide variety of products, including office supplies, stationery, information technology supplies, and a large selection of books.

Customers can easily maneuver around Textbook Centre bookstores because they are well-spaced and organized. The staff is accommodating and knowledgeable about the stock available, and they are highly commended for the excellent customer service they provide at all of their locations.

Textbook Centre provides all of its customers with a simple interface that allows them to order their book(s) of choice with just a few clicks from the comfort of their homes.

Textbook Centre takes pride in stocking African books by various African authors in order to promote and support African literature, making it the best go-to store for that African novel you’ve been eyeing or longing to read.

2. Prestige Bookshop.

Prestige Bookshop is located on Mama Ngina Street in the Prudential Building, and they also have a branch in Lavington Mall.

If you are having difficulty finding a rare book, Prestige Bookshop is the one reliable bookstore that has a large collection of books that most people consider to be rare to find in Nairobi and its environs. Prestige Bookshop has a large selection of Kenyan and African literature, so you will be spoiled for choice.

Prestige Bookshop has a pleasant atmosphere and, not to mention, an online catalog from which you can purchase their books.

Prestige Bookshop includes their famous long-lasting trademark Prestige Bookshop bookmarks with all customer purchases, giving their customers a reason to return.

3. Savanis Bookshop.


Savani’s Book Centre Ltd, also known as Savani’s Bookshop, is one of Nairobi’s most established bookstores and leading booksellers, with its store strategically located on the ground floor of the Savani’s Book Centre Building on Lagos/Latema road.

Savani’s bookshop has a variety of school books ranging from children’s books to higher learning books (medical and technical books), stationery, and art supplies such as oil paints, art stationery, and acrylic paints at reasonable prices.

Their never-ending fully stocked shelves provide their customers with a diverse selection of books. Savani’s bookshop, on the other hand, does