Top 10 Best Restaurants In Mombasa, Kenya

Whether you prefer to eat on the beach, in the Old Town, or in a luxury place inside a mall, Mombasa is home to several wonderful restaurants providing traditional African and foreign cuisine. In addition to the beach and being a holiday destination, the city of Mombasa provides the finest cuisine and delicacies. Here are 10 of Mombasa’s finest restaurants.

10 Best Restaurants In Mombasa, Kenya

1. Tamarind Mombasa

The Tamarind Restaurant & Dhow comprises two parts: a restaurant that faces the Nyali stream and a traditional “dhow” that floats along the creek’s waters. A dhow is a traditional wooden sailing vessel turned into a floating restaurant, ideal for individuals who don’t mind getting their feet wet. The restaurant’s cuisine features African, French, and Asian-inspired dishes, emphasizing locally sourced, fresh seafood.

Address: Jetty Tamarind, Mombasa, Kenya


2. Jahazi Coffee House

The Jahazi Coffee House is located in a renovated structure and offers traditional Swahili cuisine in an area that operates as a community learning center with resources such as an art gallery, historical artifacts, and a library

Jahazi Coffee House offers traditional Swahili snacks like mahamri, halwa, samosas, bhajia, and traditional kahawa and tea. If you want a substantial meal, pulaos and biryanis are available, and pre-order a buffet including an assortment of Swahili delicacies.

Address: Ndia Kuu Rd, Mombasa, Kenya


Top Best Restaurants In Mombasa, Kenya

3. Yul’s Aquadrom

The restaurant, situated on the seashore at Bamburi Beach, provides breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. Yul’s is equally well-known for its pizzas and handcrafted gelatos. In addition to pizzas and pasta influenced by Italian cuisine, the menu provides a variety of freshly cooked fish.

Address: P.O.Box 10286, Malindi Rd, Mombasa, Kenya


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4. Tarboush Café

Tarboush Café, a parkside street café, showcases Mombasa’s Indian and Arabic culinary influences. With a menu that includes tikka, kebabs, naan bread, biryanis, and shawarmas, this restaurant is nearly always crowded and a favorite of the locals. A sweet and tangy Mabungo juice prepared from the Bungo fruit of the rubber vine may be a tasty way to finish a meal.

Address: Makadara Rd, Mombasa, Kenya