List of Outdoor/Billboard Advertising Companies in Kenya

What is Advertising?

Advertising is an attempt to influence consumer buying behaviour with a persuasive selling message about a certain product or service.

What is outdoor advertising?

This is the type of advertising that reaches consumers when they are out of their homes, offices or place of work. In a nutshell, outdoor advertising reaches consumers when they are on the field.

What is a Billboard?

A Billboard is a large outdoor board used for displaying advertisements. Billboards are mostly found in large cities like Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. They are mostly displayed in high traffic areas and along major highways advertising goods targeting motorists or pedestrians.

A Billboard Advertising Chart

History of Advertisement

Over the last few decades, businesses have always relied on electronic media devices such as Radio and Television to market their products to large audiences. However, in today’s digital era where there is a lot of competition, reaching an audience through electronic media is not just enough.

The advertiser needs to create more engaging marketing content that actively interacts with people’s livelihood and persuades them to purchase a product. As a result, the advertising industry has changed, and many more methods of advertising have since been invented.

One of the most significant advertising method in today’s world is Outdoor Advertising which involves the use of structures like billboards, street signs, wall painting/wrapping, event branding, sky signs, bridge branding and transit advertising.

Why use Outdoor Advertisement?

The greatest advantage with outdoor advertising is that it focuses on a tangible audience rather than a virtual one. One doesn’t need a TV or a Radio, only viewing the billboard charts is needed and your product keeps selling over and over.

Billboard advertisement is the most effective method of outdoor advertising as it reaches a large audience at once unlike the others.

 Billboard Advertisement charts
A billboard chart on one of the streets of Nairobi City. |Photo/Courtesy.

Billboards help you reach a relatively large audience and boost your profits to millions after investing just a few thousands. Advertisement works well when the product being marketed is near the audience rather than far away, and that is what Billboard advertisement does.

Kenya has many outdoor advertising companies but we are going to focus on the top ones whose trademarks’ you can’t fail to encounter when you visit major towns and cities in Kenya.

Here is a list of outdoor advertising companies in Kenya, their location and contacts.

1. Magnate Ventures Ltd

Location: Maganate Center, Bunyala Road 08, Starehe, Nairobi.
Contact: 0722204400