List of Politicians Vying For Presidency in 2022 General Elections.

This article outlines the list of politicians vying for presidency in 2022.

Barely 7 months into the 2022 general elections in Kenya, a number of individuals have come out clear on various political posts they will be vying for. According to the constitution of Kenya 2010, the general election should be held on the second Tuesday of august after every five years. In the general elections, three are six elective posts to be contested for, which include the Member of County Assembly (MCA), Member of Parliament (MP), Woman Representative, Senator, Governor, and The President.

Several politicians have declared their interest in vying for the topmost political seat in the land. Some of them have been very active in politics while others are still developing their political careers. The ODM leader Raila Amollo Odinga and the deputy president William Ruto are among the politicians vying for presidency and have since started an early campaign ahead of the elections. Others are yet to officially make their declarations and launch their pre-campaigns.

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Here is a list of Politicians who have declared their presence on the presidential ballot in the August 9 Elections.

Raila Odinga 

ODM leader will be making his fifth strike at the presidential ballot this year. Kenyans believe that will be his fifth and the last time to vie for president, after which he will probably retire from active politics. There are a number of factors that will lead to his retirement among them old age that has caught up with him.

Recently, he launched his Azimio la Umoja campaign which focuses on making Kenya an industrial nation by majoring in economic growth, manufacturing, and industrialization. Some of the things that he would focus on are; Inua jamii, pesa mfukoni, baba care, kazi kwa wote, uchumi kwa akina mama, #inawezekana for the youth, waste not a single child for education, fukuza njaa, maji kwa kila boma, one county, one product and continuity of administration.

Kenyans believe that he will grab the seat this time now that he has support from the Mount Kenya Region which carries millions of voters and determines most of the winners at the presidential contest. The sitting president of Kenya H.E Uhuru Kenyatta has also shown signs of supporting the ODM chief in his quest for the presidency. This gives Raila an Upper hand when it comes to presidential endorsement and goodwill. He also enjoys support from a majority of outgoing governors who have declared to back him.

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William Ruto

Needless to say, the Deputy President is among the top politicians vying for presidency in the forthcoming elections. He has been on the frontline campaigning across the country and popularizing his “Bottom-Up” economic model for the last two years. Running under United Democratic Party(UDA), the Deputy president says that he will use the bottom-up economy to save the country and ensure it will raise the economic status of the people at the bottom.

In his manifesto, he intends to create jobs for the unemployed youth by offering small interest and free loans to people to start businesses. He has also promised to ensure that the Big four agenda which they started with Uhuru Kenyatta that is; food security, affordable housing, manufacturing, and affordable health care is fulfilled. 

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Kalonzo Musyoka