List of Maximum Security Prisons in Kenya

This is a list of Kenya’s maximum security prisons. A maximum-security prison is the highest grade of any prison in Kenya, with a high level of security and surveillance.

Maximum-security prisons house the most dangerous criminals, including serial killers, drug lords, serial rapists, terrorists, and all the most wanted badass robbers.

Which is the largest prison in Kenya?

Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, which is located in Kahawa West- Nairobi is the largest correctional center in the country. It houses more than 2,000 criminals jailed for various crimes.

Kenya has a total of 9 maximum security prisons which are listed below.

List of Maximum Security Prisons in Kenya

1. Kamiti Maximum Security Prison

Maximum Security Prisons

The Kamiti Maximum Security Prison is Kenya’s most guarded and revered penitentiary, situated in Kahawa West, Roysambu Constituency, Nairobi County.

Originally known as “Kamiti Downs,” it is located in the midst of its own 490-hectare estates that are fallow and untended.The British government established it in 1955 to contain violators during a state of emergency.

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There are two types of prisoners at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison: convicted offenders (long-term ardent offenders and those serving life sentences) and unconvicted inmates (capital remands).

It presently has between 1,800 and 2,500 inmates.

2. Shimo la Tewa Maximum Security Prison

Maximum security prisons

This is Kenya’s second-largest maximum-security prison, located in Mombasa County. It was established in 1953 during the state of emergency in the country. As the name implies, life in “Shimo” la Tewa is no laughing matter; here you will find the majority of Kenya’s hardcore criminals, including pirates, terrorists, and serial killers.

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3.  Naivasha Maximum Security Prison


This is Kenya’s third-largest maximum-security prison. It houses all sorts of criminals and offenders, which explains why it is under 24-hour surveillance. The Prison is located in the Naivasha constituency of Nakuru County.

Naivasha Maximum Security Prison, built in 1911, is the country’s largest correctional centre in terms of size and capacity, holding 2,791 inmates, all of whom are serving long sentences, the shortest of which is at least 20 years.