List of Licensed Insurance Brokers in Kenya

As of 2022, this is a list of authorized Insurance brokers in Kenya. Brokers of insurance serve as a middleman between customers and insurers. They assist clients in locating the best policies for them using their in-depth knowledge of the insurance sector.

The Insurance Regulatory Authority oversees and regulates insurance brokers in Kenya. There are 176 licensed insurance brokers as of 2022.

If you look around Kenya, you will see a lot of eye-catching posters from insurance companies advertising their best insurance packages. In Kenya, there is a massive demand for health insurance providers.

Simply pay a visit to one of the insurance companies listed below if you want to ensure the safety and security of your family’s future. The list of insurance providers in Kenya is presented below.

There are numerous insurance brokers in Kenya who can help you select the best option if you’re looking to protect your life, health, vehicle, and other valuable possessions. You can find a list of insurance brokers in Kenya in this article.

List Of Licensed Insurance Brokers In Kenya

1. Kenbright


Kenbright has 3 affiliate companies. One of them was started in 1993 and is called Kenbright Insurance Brokers Limited (KIBL). Both health and auto insurance is offered by it.

Telephone: (+254) – 722784434

2. East Africa Re-Insurance Company Limited

East Africa Re-Insurance Company Limited was founded in 1993, and on January 1st, 1995, it began operations. One of the top Kenyan reinsurance companies, it was established to meet the reinsurance needs of the regional insurance markets.

Telephone: (+254) – 204443588, 728111041

3. Takaful Insurance of Africa

The Arabic word “Kafalah,” which means “mutual guarantee,” is where the term “takaful” first appeared. It provides family insurance, general insurance, and medical insurance. The “Takaful Umbrella Fund,” a program that deals with the retirement benefits of Kenya’s senior citizens, is another service it offers.

Telephone: (+254) – 202725135/4

4. The Kenyan Alliance Insurance Company Limited

After acquiring the Sun Alliance group, which had previously been created by the merger of two enormous insurance companies with operations in the UK, Alliance Assurance Company and Sun Insurance Office, Kenyan Alliance Insurance Company was founded in the year 1979.

The company’s assets exceed Ksh 3.9 billion, and its paid-up capital has already surpassed 400 million; it is currently at 450 million, which is extremely high. This is the most amazing fact. It has locations in Mombasa, Karatina, Nakuru, and other cities.

Telephone: (+254) – 709988000/204225000

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5. Fidelity Shield Insurance Company Limited

As a division of South British Insurance, which was founded in New Zealand in 1872, Fidelity Insurance began doing business in Mombasa City, Kenya, in the year 1940.

In the year 1960, it relocated its main office to Nairobi. Finally, it began to function independently in the year 1980. It offers general insurance products that are suitable for all societal groups.

Telephone: (+254) – 709988000/204225000

6. National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF)

In 1966, NHIF first began to operate. It ranks among the top businesses in Kenya’s medical insurance market. Members of the NHIF must be Kenyan citizens who are at least 18 years old and earn a monthly salary of at least Ksh 1,000.

Telephone – (+254) – 2723290/2714793

7. Chester Insurance Brokers Limited