List of Hospitals offering DNA Tests in Kenya and Their Price Range.

Every year, hundreds of Kenyans flock to various hospitals offering DNA tests in search of DNA services for different reasons.

A DNA test has proved to be one of the surest ways to identify the father of a child (Paternity Test). Apart from Checking for paternity, a DNA test can also be used for sibling tests and grandparent testing.

How much does a DNA test cost in Kenya?

The cost of DNA varies from one hospital/service provider to another. The most proficient and widely known center for DNA tests in Kenya is the Bioinformatics Institute of Kenya (KIBS). KIBS is an institute that specializes in medical diagnostics and research on various diseases.

According to information on their website, the cost of a common type of DND test (Paternity) is Ksh 10,000 per person. This means that to test the DNA of both the father and the child, one has to part with Ksh 20,000.

However, this price range is only limited to the paternity test. This means that if you want other types of tests, the price will increase. For instance, testing DNA for siblings costs Ksh 10,000 per head.

Therefore, we can conclude that the cost of conducting a DNA test in Kenya is between Ksh 10,000 and Ksh 30,000 depending on the type of test and the hospital or center.


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What are the requirements for a DNA test?

When undergoing a normal DNA test, basic requirements such as blood samples, cheek swabs, nails, and hair will be fundamental. However, testing for larger groups of people will require specimens such as saliva from each individual.

Hospitals offering DNA tests in Kenya.

Kenyatta National Hospital

Over many years, Kenyatta Hospital has remained a highly reliable center among the Hospitals offering DNA tests in Kenya. The hospital offers testing for both patients, doctor’s requests, personal requests, or from court orders.

The Cost of DNA at Kenyatta Hospital ranges between Ksh 20,000 and Ksh 30,000 depending on a number of factors. The results are almost 100% with a 99.99% effect.

Bioinformatics Institute of Kenya (KIBS).

As stated earlier, KIBS is the most reliable DNA center when it comes to paternity tests. The facility offers the test at Ksh 20,000 for both the alleged father and the kid.

In case the man in question is not available, they can do the test using samples from the man’s brother and get the same results.  The facility is located along Mombasa Road at Viraj Complex.

Contacts: 0716 335 266 Email:

Kenya Medica Research Institute (KEMRI)

The Kenya Medical Research Institute is a state corporation under the Ministry of Health whose mandate is to conduct relevant medical research and dispatch reliable results for use in various fields.

Interestingly, the institute offers DNA testing as one of its services. DNA testing is offered in paternity and family relationship areas. As a way of contributing to capacity building among the country’s human resources, they also offer DNA training both locally and regionally.

Contact: 0722 205 901     Website:

The American Embassy

The American Embassy, located in Nairobi city is among the best DNA testing centers in Kenya. The center has reliable, modern testing machines that would only take you between 3 to 5 working days to have the results at your fingertips.

You can contact them through their landline: +254 20 363 6000

The Nairobi Hospital.

Located at Argwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi Hospital is another reliable DNA testing center in Kenya. The Nairobi Hospital and Kenyatta National Hospital are the biggest Hospitals offering DNA tests in the country with different charges.

However, this is not a reliable testing center if you don’t have a heavy pocket as their prices can go as high as Ksh 100,000. This makes it preserved only for the elites.

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Easy DNA Center

This is one of the most effective testing centers for DNA in Kenya. The cost of a DNA test at this facility is between Ksh 24,000 and Ksh 30,000. Their results are also reliable with 99.999% accuracy.

Lancet Laboratories.

Lancet laboratories, which has branches countrywide, is among the hospitals offering DNA tests in Kenya. However, the DNA services are only offered at the Hospital’s main branch located in Nairobi, Fifth Avenue Suites, Upperhill.

They Can be reached via Email:


This is a specialized clinic offering DNA testing services in Kenya. Their prices are pegged at Ksh 39,000, which is relatively affordable.

Contact: 0704 967 808

Pathcare Kenya

You can also get DNA testing services at Pathcare Kenya, a medical firm that offers various medical solutions. The firm is located at Regal Plaza, Limuru Road, Nairobi.

Contact: 0722 203 074

Nyumbani Diagnostic Laboratory.

As part of their services, Nyumbani Laboratory offers DNA testing services which cost between Ksh 20,000 and Ksh 30,000.

Conclusion: List of Hospitals offering DNA Tests in Kenya

If you are looking for a place to conduct a DNA test in Kenya, especially around Nairobi, then do doubt the centers discussed above will be of great benefit.