List of Ethiopian Restaurants in Nairobi 2022.

There are several Ethiopian Restaurants located in Kenya. Kenya is one of the African countries with the most appealing and attractive natural environment, physical features, good climate, and beautiful sceneries.

As such, the Kenyan Hospitality and Tourism industry has been expanding day by day following the massive demand for hospitality services to visiting guests and tourists.

Currently, Kenya receives both local and international tourists from across the continent and the world. This is attributed to the large investments strides that have been made both by the government and independent investors to improve the status of the Kenyan  Hospitality industry.

Due to cultural diversity, some of the visitors prefer being served in accordance with their culture. This has prompted the establishment of unique and specified kinds of Hotels, Restaurants and other Hospitality related facilities meant for use by people from a certain culture, tribe, or country.

Some of the magnificent hotels that have been established in Kenya include Italian hotels, Arabian, Chinese, Somali, Ethiopian restaurants among others. These hotels and restaurants serve the interests of visitors coming from different parts of the world according to their tastes and preferences.

This article looks into a list of Ethiopian Restaurants in Nairobi-Kenya, highlighting their contacts and location.

1. Abyssinia Restaurant.

Image: Abyssinia Restaurant.

Abyssinia is an Ethiopian 5-Star Hotel located in Nairobi, Kenya that offers hospitality, catering, and accommodation services targeting Ethiopian residents visiting the country. The hotel is precisely located in Brookside Groove in Westlands Nairobi.

The Restaurant offers delicious Ethiopian food and drinks coupled with a touch of traditional décor, warm ambiance, and excellent hospitality skills.

Contact: 0725151515

2. Asmara Restaurant.

Asmara is a Hospitality firm with several restaurants in the country located in Karen, Westlands, and Pangani, Nairobi- Kenya. They offer both Eritrean and Ethiopian foods that are coupled with respective traditional drinks and beverages.

Contact: 0721 948 020

3. Awash Ethiopian Restaurant.

Location: Mbaruk Road, Golf Course Estate, Nairobi.
Contact: 0723 722 725

4. Abkymy Ethiopian Foods.

Location: 10th Street Eastleigh, Nairobi- Kenya.

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5. Campia Ethiopian Restaurant.

Location: Utalii House, Ground Floor, Nairobi Kenya.
Contact: 0722 311 807
Facebook Page: Campia Ethiopian Lounge.