List Of Cooking Gas Companies In Kenya

This article contains a list of cooking gas companies in Kenya. The list focuses on businesses that have received approval from the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority to trade in LPG, the most environmentally friendly kind of cooking utilized by the majority of Kenyan households.

K- Gas is arguably the most popular and reliable cooking gas produced by Rubis Kenya, which is one of the best cooking gas companies in the country.

List of cooking gas companies in Kenya.

1. Rubis Kenya

The manufacturer of K-gas, the most popular cooking gas in Kenya and one that customers rely on for its dependability and safety, is Rubis. K-gas is offered to retail customers in the country in cylinders of 6kg, 13kg, 35kg, and 50kg at service stations and authorized dealers.

2. Vivo Energy

Leading provider of cooking gas, Vivo Energy offers LPG to commercial customers under the Afrigas brand in cylinder sizes of 6 kg and 13 kg.

3. Total Energies

One of Kenya’s top distributors of LPG for residential and commercial use is Total Energies. The brand name Total Gas is used for the marketing and distribution of the LPG. The gas comes in cylinders that weigh 3, 6, 13, 22, and 50 kilograms.

4. National Oil Corporation

In 2008, the business introduced its Supagas cooking gas brand to the Kenyan market. Since then, it has developed into a dominant brand in the nation with a sizable market share. Customers can purchase supagas through the company’s service stations and designated distributors, which include supermarkets.

5. Galana Oil

The firm behind Delgas, which ensures safety, quality, the right amount, and value for money, is Galana Oil. Delgas is available in cylinders weighing 6, 13, 45, and 50 kg.

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6. Hass Petroleum

Through retail networks, distributors, and corporate alliances, Hass Petroleum provides reliable, safe, and clean energy to households and companies throughout the region. Hass Gas, the company’s trademark, is well renowned for its exceptional safety features.

7. Petrocity Africa

The firm behind the Petgas brand, which is sold in quantities of 6kg, 13kg, and 50kg, is Petrocity Africa. In Kenya, the gas is accessible at all retail Petrocity gas stations, as well as at a few distributors and supermarkets.

8. Progas Kenya

In Kenya, Progas is now the gas brand that sells the most. It ensures dependability and safety and is offered in 6kg and 13kg cylinder configurations.

9. M-Gas