List of Banks on PesaLink in Kenya

This is a list of banks on PesaLink in Kenya. PesaLink is a real-time, round-the-clock digital payment service that enables cheap bank-to-bank transactions. In 2017, Integrated Payment Services Limited (IPSL), a division of the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA), introduced PesaLink.

Using the recipient’s mobile phone number and the inter-banking money transfer service, it is simple to send money directly to their bank account. You can instantaneously send or receive amounts ranging from Ksh 10 to Ksh 999,999 with PesaLink.

It can be accessed via all available bank channels, including mobile banking, internet banking, ATMs, agencies, and branches.

Follow the steps below to use PesaLink.

How to Link your Phone to PesaLink.

  • Choose “PesaLink” from the menu using your selected Bank channel (mobile, USSD, mobile app, ATM, internet, agent, or branch).
  • On the PesaLink menu, choose “Link Your Phone.”
  • In your list of accounts, pick the “Account Number” you want to link.
  • To choose your primary account for payments, click “Yes” or “No.”
  • Verify the information displayed on the page that you choose in steps 3 and 4.
  • PesaLink will send you an SMS confirmation message.

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How to Send Money using PesaLink

  • On the menu of your bank, choose PesaLink.
  • The PesaLink menu option is “Send To Account,” so choose that.
  • Type in the “Account Number” of the Recipient.
  • From the choices provided, choose the first letter of the bank name.
    from the list, choose the bank’s name.
  • Add the payment amount.
  • Give the payment’s justification.
  • Verify the information you submitted in steps 3 and 4 is what is displayed on the page.
  • The bank will send you an SMS confirmation notification including the recipient’s account number, bank name, amount sent, and payment justification.

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List of Banks on PesaLink in Kenya

1. Absa Bank Limited

2. African Banking Corp. Ltd (ABC Bank)

3. Bank of Africa Kenya Ltd

4. Bank of India

5. Bank of Baroda (K) Ltd

6. Caritas Microfinance Bank

7. Citibank N.A.

8. Consolidated Bank of Kenya Ltd

9. Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd

10 . Credit Bank Ltd

11. Development Bank (K) Ltd

12. Diamond Trust Bank (K) Ltd

13. Dubai Islamic Bank (Kenya) Ltd

14. Ecobank Limited

15. Spire Bank

16. Equity Bank Ltd

17. Family Bank Ltd

18. Faulu Micro-Finance Bank