How to Update Telkom Sim Card Online

How to update Telkom Sim Card Online. Kenyans have been under pressure in recent weeks to update their sim card details before their lines are ‘disconnected,’ thanks to the communication authority extending the registration deadline to October 15th, 2022.

how to update telkom sim card

The authority had previously directed that all telecommunications companies re-register their subscribers’ biodata, including a recent passport, by April 15th. However, in response to numerous complaints from concerned parties, including Deputy President William Ruto, the authority had to bow to pressure and extend the deadline.

But what if you’ve already registered or bought your line for 2022? You will have to re-register it. This is due to the prevalence of dual or multiple SIM registrations, with some of these registrations being illegal.

How to update Telkom Sim Card

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The existence of unlawfully registered SIM cards indicates that their fictitious holders are using them to defraud people. To be evident, authorities and carriers were unable to tame the problem for an extended period of time, culminating in the re-registration procedure.

Customers of Telkom Kenya can conveniently complete the process online within a short amount of time. To register, an ID, a camera or smartphone capable of taking clear pictures, and, of course, your SIM card is required.

How to Update Telkom Sim Card Online

  • To register, navigate to
  • Fill in your Telkom Kenya phone number. You’ll get a One Time Password (OTP) message, which you’ll need to verify.
  • Fill in your National Identification number.
  • Upload the front side of your national identification card.
  • Enter the information from the back of your national ID.
  • Press the Submit button, and FINISH.

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If these steps are followed correctly, the subscriber should receive an email indicating that the registration was successful. Allow yourself the experience without the panic of disconnection.

The CA has warned that those who do not register their information by the deadline will face serious consequences.

Similarly, telcos that do not complete the process and meet the set aims will be put on trial and heavily fined.