How To Reset a Forgotten Mpesa PIN

Wondering how you can reset a forgotten Mpesa Pin? This is a concise guide to resetting your forgotten Mpesa PIN.

An M-Pesa PIN is a personal identification number/secret code that is used to access and use Mpesa services such as depositing, withdrawing, and transferring money, paying for goods and services (Lipa na M-Pesa), and accessing credit and savings.

If you enter your Mpesa PIN incorrectly five times, your Mpesa account will be blocked. This can be aggravating because you are unable to access any Mpesa services.

How To Reset Your Forgotten Mpesa PIN

1. Using your phone Dial *334#

2. Choose Option 7. ( My Account)

3. Choose Option 4: Mpesa PIN Manager.

4. Select Option 1. ( Mpesa Forgot PIN)

5. Provide your ID/Passport Number

6. You will be asked to enter your Mpesa balance or Fuliza limit.

7. You will be given a Start PIN in order to create a new Mpesa PIN.

8. To change your MPesa PIN, navigate to the Mpesa Menu, select My Account, and then change your Mpesa PIN. When prompted to enter the Old PIN, enter the start PIN that was just sent, followed by your New PIN.

If you have any problems, please call Safaricom toll-free at 100.

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Over the last few years, Safaricom, the mother company to Mpesa has been on the run to improve its customer experience. This includes implementing measures to ensure customers do not lose money in the process of using its mobile money transfer services.

In October 2015, Safaricom introduced a new feature known as Hakikisha where customers could confirm the name of the intended recipient of funds before completing the transaction. This came following an outcry by users due to increased cases of sending money to the wrong recipients.

The same applied to those withdrawing money from Mpesa agents where the service would display the agent name completing the transaction. Mpesa provides a 25-second window to confirm the details of the recipient or the Mpesa agent shop.


With users able to change or reset their Mpesa Pins from the comfort of their phones, Safaricom’s Mpesa is with no doubt on the right trajectory toward excellent customer service.