How to File KRA Returns Using P9 Form

Are you employed and do you have a KRA P9 Form? It is now time to learn How To File KRA Returns Using P9 Form. The process is not difficult, and this article will walk you through the steps you need to do to file your KRA Returns today.

In this article, I will demonstrate How to File KRA Returns Using the P9 Form. This advice will be beneficial to individuals who are currently employed. If you are unemployed, please see our blog post on How to File KRA Nil Returns Using the KRA iTax Portal.

You must have three crucial needs with you in order to file KRA returns utilizing the P9 Form. The prerequisites listed below must be met before you may begin filing your yearly KRA Returns.

  • KRA PIN Number
  • iTax Password
  • KRA P9 Form

Let us now break down the three conditions listed above for filing KRA Returns utilizing the P9 Form.

PIN Code for KRA
The most critical thing you need to have before filing your KRA Returns is your KRA PIN Number.

Password for iTax
This is the password that corresponds to your KRA PIN Number. You can log into your iTax account and file returns using your KRA iTax Password.

KRA P9 Form

This is a tax deduction form that shows your Gross Pay, Taxable Pay, PAYE, and Personal Relief for the entire year.

How to File KRA Returns using P9 Form

In this blog post, we will use simultaneous steps to demonstrate how to file KRA returns using KRA P9 Form for a civil service employee.

Here is how to file KRA returns using P9 Form

To file our KRA Returns, we will use the aforesaid KRA P9 Form, which will be the basis for this KRA Returns Filing lesson.

1: Visit KRA iTax Web Portal using

Log into your iTax account at Using your KRA PIN number and iTax Password.

2: Navigate to iTax iPage Dashboard

After successfully logging into your iTax account (iPage), you should see the following. You can perform a variety of chores online with your iTax account. This blog post will mostly focus on KRA Returns using the KRA P9 Form.

3: Click on the Returns tab

Click the Returns tab, then the File Return tab from the drop-down menu that appears, as shown above.

4: Select Tax Obligation

In this section, you must select the tax liability. We choose Income Tax – Resident Individual in this scenario because we are filing KRA Returns for Kenyan residents with employment income.

5: Download Income Tax Resident Individual Form

Download the Income Tax Resident Individual Form from this page (Excel). Please keep in mind that this is a Zipped folder that you will need to unzip. In most cases, You may unzip the folder by just tapping on it.

6: Open the IT1 Individual Resident Return XLS (Excel) Form