How to Check Mileage of Car Online For Free

Today we will be looking at how to check the mileage of a car online for free. Read the article for tips on genuine mileage checkups online before buying that new car.

One of the biggest concerns of every car buyer is the genuineness of the vehicle’s mileage. It is an open secret that by tampering with the odometer one can easily be conned.

In some cases, a vehicle’s mileage can be reduced from 200,000 Kms to less than 50,000 Kms in an effort to fetch a good price for the vehicle. By the time a vehicle is covering 200,000 Kms, it has significant wear and tear and it’s only a matter of time before you start making regular trips to your mechanic.

This can be very frustrating especially if you had assumed the vehicle you just purchased had not been heavily used by its previous owner. 

How to Check a Car Mileage is Genuine

However, there are ways to avoid this kind of issue.

Buyers who manage to import vehicles directly have better odds of getting a vehicle with genuine mileage.

Before a vehicle is exported to Kenya it has to undergo quality assurance as per the government’s regulations. These quality assurance firms check things like corrosion levels, roadworthiness of the vehicle, radiation levels, and mileage.

After this inspection is carried out the importer of the vehicle is served with an Inspection Certificate among other documents.

This inspection certificate has the current reading on the odometer before the vehicle is shipped to Kenya.

In addition, you can also confirm the chassis number of the vehicle from the same certificate. QISJ is the most used company by most vehicle exporters hence chances are they have a record of your inspection certificate. 

If your vehicle was inspected by QISJ you can always confirm the mileage reading at the time of inspection by inserting your vehicle’s chassis number on this link

Here is a sample of a verified QISJ certificate:

Sample of a Verified QISJ Certificate
Sample of a Verified QISJ Certificate / Image by Paul M

It is worth mentioning that there are other quality assurance firms out there depending on where the vehicle is being imported from. If you do not find any information about your vehicle there is a possibility it was inspected by a different firm.

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Tips Before Buying a Used Car

Not every buyer can import a vehicle directly for various reasons.