How to Apply for KRA Tax Compliance Certificate in Kenya

Obtaining a Tax Compliance Certificate from the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) used to be a complex process; you could wait days or even months for the KRA to approve or reject your Tax Complication Certificate (TCC).

However, this procedure has been streamlined. If you apply for a KRA Tax Compliance Certificate and you have no outstanding returns, liabilities, or payments at the Kenya Revenue Authority, you will receive one right away (KRA).

The iTax system is now interactive, according to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), to facilitate the self-service procedure, in which the taxpayer applications and receives a (TCC) without employee assistance.

To continue with the self-service application for a Tax Compliance Certificate on the iTax Portal, the taxpayer must pay any outstanding debt or submit an application for a payment plan, which, if approved, must be paid.

In this article, we’ll go over the streamlined procedure for applying for a KRA Tax Compliance Certificate on iTax. However, we must first clarify what we mean by a “Tax Compliance Certificate” before moving on.

What Is Tax Compliance Certificate?

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) issues Tax Compliance Certificates to taxpayers who have cooperated, filed their tax returns for a specified time, and paid all taxes owed as required by law. A taxpayer may use the KRA Tax Compliance Certificate for a period of 12 months after it has been provided to them.

If you are in compliance, you don’t owe the Kenya Revenue Authority any money (KRA). Simply put, being compliant means you have no outstanding tax debt with KRA. Therefore, obtaining a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) will be simple if you are compliant. After applying, you’ll be able to acquire the TCC in less than 5 minutes.

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As soon as you have done submitting your application on iTax, KRA will offer you a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) if you are tax compliant. If you do not comply, KRA will inform you of the specifics of the outstanding returns and liabilities, including the years in which you failed to file your KRA returns and the years in which you failed to make payments for the accumulated liabilities.

Tax Compliance Certificate Application Requirements

You must first meet the following two conditions in order to proceed with the streamlined TCC application process.

  • The KRA PIN

Your KRA PIN Number is the first item you must have on hand. If you have lost or forgotten your KRA PIN, you can retrieve it by sending a ticket to the KRA Facebook page with your ID number requesting the retrieval of your pin.

  • KRA iTax Password

Your KRA iTax Password is the next thing you must have on hand. To access your KRA iTax Account, you would need the iTax Password. You can email KRA support to request a new one if you don’t remember or lost your iTax Password. After requesting a password reset, you will receive an email with a new password that you can use to access your iTax Account.

How To Apply For Tax Compliance Certificate

Step 1: Visit KRA iTax Portal

The first thing you must do is make sure you go to the KRA iTax portal by clicking on this link

Step 2: Enter Your KRA PIN Number

You must input your KRA PIN number in this step. To move on to the following stage after entering your KRA PIN, click the “Continue” button.