George Kinoti DCI Biography, Age, Career, Education, Family, Wife, Net Worth

George Maingi Kinoti is a tough and experienced Kenyan detective, security expert, crime-buster, and the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Kenya. He was appointed to serve in the position by President Uhuru Kenyatta on 5 January 2018 after the retirement of former director Ndegwa Muhoro. Before his appointment, he was the national police spokesman at the office of the inspector general of police.

Age and Birth.

George Kinoti was born in 1967 at North Imenti Constituency of Meru County. He grew up in the slums of Meru town under the care of his mother, (a single mother). He has six siblings and his father abandoned the family long ago when he was young. However, Kinoti met his father when he was 30 years and they reconciled.

George Kinoti DCI.
George Kinoti, Director Of Criminal Investigations at a past Briefing. photo/courtesy

George Kinoti DCI Education.

After successfully completing his primary education, Kinoti Joined St Pius X Seminary In Nkubu-Meru. During his days at the minor seminary, he had wanted to become a priest. When he finally did his O-level Examination, he topped in his class, which secured him a position at one of the senior high schools in Kenya. He however rejected the opportunity and chose to join Kanyakine high school which was not too far from the seminary.

At the high school, Kinoti showed an exemplary performance and within a short period, he was appointed as the school captain. Kinoti passed his A-levels examination and was admitted to Egerton University to study for a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

He graduated from Egerton in 1992 having undergone paramilitary training at the national youth service which was mandatory for new students. He later pursued a master’s degree in security management and graduated from Egerton University.

Marriage and Personal Life.

Kinoti is married to one wife and together they have three children. However, due to his position in government, he prefers to keep his personal life confidential.

George Kinoti DCI Wealth.

George Kinoti has not publicly declared his wealth due to personal reasons and confidentiality. However, we are following up and details shall be updated as soon as reliable information is sourced.

Road to DCI.

Kinoti initially wanted to be a priest and was not interested in university education. However, the then bishop of Meru diocese, Silas Njiru seems to have discovered a better calling for Kinoti, which he once revealed how it came to be.

Instead of encouraging his quest for the priesthood, the Bishop asked the administrator at the Jesuit Institute to take Kinoti to the National Youth Service camp in Gilgil and hand him over to the commandant. That is how his priesthood dream ended.

His revolution and the turning point came when he was at the University and Gilgil NYS Training Camp. It was his many encounters with the police and the negative stories he heard about policing that sparked in him a desire to join the National Police Service. He contemplated that perhaps he could make a difference and bring sanity to the police sector.

DCI George Kinoti With President Uhuru Kenyatta at a past state event | photo/courtesy.

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Kinoti told the Bishop about his new desire and he turned out to be very supportive of his ambitions. Njiru, (the bishop) wrote to police commissioner Philip Kilonzo to introduce Kinoti to the police training and finally, Kinoti was admitted for police training at Kiganjo.

When he went home for holidays, he remained at the diocesan headquarters in Meru Town where he performed pastoral work and other duties until he graduated from the University. He then moved out to start his own life as a university graduate and police.

To date, the DCI Boss remains a prayerful man. He says Humanity and a sense of fairness are what drives him. He believes everyone is equal in the eyes of God and one cannot be superior to others simply because of position, money, or power.

George Kinoti DCI Career.

George Kinoti is a renowned detective who has been recognized for his selfless service in the police and DCI departments. He has formerly served as national police spokesman, head of security at the central bank, head of police complaints at police headquarters, and personal assistant to the Director of criminal investigations. He has also served in several other positions at the DCIO before he was appointed as the DCI Boss in January 2018 by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In his work as a detective, he has battled highway robbers in different areas including Kisumu, Migori, Busia, and Isebania before he was appointed as Personal Assistant to former DCI Boss Joseph Kamau. He came to the limelight when he led a team of detectives under the call sign Kanga Squad which dealt ruthlessly with criminals who had been terrorizing Nairobians.

In 2004, he led a team of detectives in investigating an incident where author Ngugi wa Thiong’o and his wife Njeri were robbed of money and other valuables at their home in Northfolk Apartments.

Along with his team, they managed to arrest and prosecute three guards involved in the incident. The three suspects identified as Elias Sikuu Wanjala, Peter Mutati Wafula, and Richard Kayago Maeti were convicted in 2006 and subsequently sentenced to death.

George Kinoti DCI
DCI Kinoti officially commissioning the Juja DCI office block | photo/courtesy

Kinoti once resigned from his work when he was transferred from DCI headquarters to Migori by former police commissioner Mohammed Mohammed Husein Ali, which appeared as retribution. He wrote his resignation letter and attached a cheque to it. However, Kinoti was later recalled and deployed to be in charge of the complaints section.

Challenges and Near-Death Experience.

In his career as a detective, Kinoti has had his share of struggles, challenges, and tribulations. He has survived several shootouts with gangs and has a total of 35 gunshot wounds to prove it. He has passed through many near-death experiences that have molded him into the tough and bold soldier that he is.

One of the most traumatizing of his encounters with thugs dates back to the year 2005 when a gang ambushed him along Jogoo Road and pumped 28 bullets into his stomach. After quitting his job as Personal assistant to the then DCI Boss, Kinoti had formed a team of detectives known as Kanga Squad that was dedicated to fighting crime in Nairobi.

He said he had felt the need to take arms and deal with Nairobi’s escalating crime wave. His team was by then a very strong unit in Nairobi that was ruthlessly dealing with criminals.

On the night of May 13 2005 at around 8 pm, Kinoti was driving to town after a meeting with his team members when he came across two thugs robbing a motorist woman. He single-handedly confronted the robbers oblivious of the impending danger from the criminal’s backup gang.

DCI George Kinoti showing his shooting skills at a past activity | photo/courtesy

He narrated how he engaged with five armed men who sprayed him with 28 bullets that sent him into a coma for days. “I engaged the five gangsters, I accepted to die but wanted to save the members of the public who had gathered there.”

He was later rescued by a physician when he had already been tagged ‘dead’ by those who collected him at the scene of the incident. Before the attack, he had already survived another seven bullet wounds which he got while engaging with robbers at his past workstations in Kisumu, Busia, and Migori.

Following his near-death experience, the DCI Boss said he does not fear getting killed for standing with Kenyans who are oppressed and ripped of by corrupt leaders and business people.

It is through his vast experience and ruthless devotion in fighting crime that he was appointed as the DCI Boss. With this, he had the capacity to serve better and do what he does best. He has since continued to spearhead the fight against crime, corruption, and other evils in the country.