English Premier League Winners Of All Time.

The English premier league is arguably one of the greatest soccer leagues with large followers worldwide. The league consists of 20 teams from different parts of England competing for the EPL cup that is up for grabs once in a year.

Each team plays a total of 38 matches in every season, one game at home and one game away. Each of the 20 teams has a home and away game against each team, and that brings to a total of 380 matches. The football league runs from August to May every year and the title is awarded to the winners at the end of the league.

In each season, the last three teams on the table are demoted to relegation and another three teams from an assortment of English football teams are selected to join the EPL in the succeeding year.

The top four teams on the table also receive recognition from the league management and are awarded accordingly, with the winner receiving the trophy and an assortment of other prizes.

Since the league was launched in 1891, Manchester United is the team that has been awarded most league titles tagged at 20. Manchester is closely followed by Liverpool at 19 and Arsenal at 13.

Other notable teams that have received trophies include Manchester City and Chelsea football clubs with 7 and 6 titles respectively.

Here is a list of Premier League Titles won per club from 1889 to 2021.

1.Manchester United-20

2. Liverpool FC- 19

3. Arsenal FC- 13

4. Everton FC- 9

5. Manchester City-7

6. Aston Villa-7

7. Sunderland AFC- 6

8. Chelsea FC- 6

9. Newcastle United-4

10. Sheffield Wednesday- 4

11. Blackburn Rovers-3

12. Huddersfield Town-3

13. Leeds United-3

14. Wolverhampton Wanderers-3

15. Burnley FC- 2

16. Derby County-2

17. Portsmouth FC- 2

18. Preston North End- 2

19. Tottenham Hotspur- 2

20. Ipswich Town-1

21. Nottingham Forest-1

22. Sheffield United-1

23. West Bromwich Albion-1

24. Leicester City-1

Manchester United’s most titles were garnered between 1993 and 2013, a 20-year period of victory when his heavyness the football maestro sir Alex F