Ten Diploma Courses That Are Better Than Degrees in Kenya.

Has it ever dawned on you that there are diploma courses that are better than degrees when it comes to the job market? Yes, there are.

It is a general perspective that degree courses are better and are regarded to be of good standards than diploma courses. However, there are diploma courses that have been considered better than degrees, especially with the advancement in technology where the world is taking a full stride into the digital space.

Here are some of the diploma courses better than degrees:

1. Diploma in Estate Agency and Property Management.

The course entails studying and majoring in technical skills and knowledge about estate agency and property management. The program takes a period of five semesters and after the student graduates, he/she is likely to work in a real estate company. The University of Nairobi is one of the best institutions offering this course.

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2. Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Chain Management.

Supply chain management (SCM) deals with the centralized management of the flow of goods and services and includes all processes that transform raw materials into final consumable products. The emergence of purchase and supply managers is there to curb the poor trends that have been in the trade sector and this contributes to the growth of the market.

3. Diploma in Quantity Survey (QS).

It requires a minimum grade of C+ and good performance in business and mathematics for one to take the course. The Technical University of Kenya is one of the best schools offering this course. Upon graduation, one will be able to work as a quantity surveyor in a company where he will be an overview of assets and liabilities. One will land a job without tarmacking.

4. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology.

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One is going to study in the medical field but under pharmacy where he/she will be taught how to handle and dispense medicine. One will be able to establish his/her own chemist, Pharmacy, or work in a hospital. One can also get a job at GlaxoSmithKline, the leading pharmaceutical company in Kenya. The average salary of a pharmaceutical expert is one hundred thousand monthly.

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5. Diploma in Architecture.

Contrary to individuals’ opinion that the course is not marketable, it is indeed. In fact, the course is not flooded and it is in high demand because of the techniques required in designing and constructing buildings. It is also required in the planning of urban and rural infrastructure.

Upon graduation, one can be employed in different places because of the mushrooming buildings and structures in the construction process. Additionally, there are hundreds of construction and real estate companies that one can approach and get hired to work with them.

6. Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication.

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