Complete Guide to TSC Vacancies Applications Online

This is a complete guide to TSC vacancies applications online. TSC normally posts its available vacancies on the commission’s website.

The Kenyan Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is an independent commission created by the Kenyan Constitution to oversee human resources in the educational field. It has offices in all 47 Counties and is headquartered in Nairobi, the country’s capital.

The Commission welcomes qualified instructors to submit their TSC vacancies applications online at the TSC online recruitment portal at in order to fill the offered teaching positions.

You must properly submit your application online because TSC does not accept physical copies of applications. Due to their failure to submit their applications on time, some teachers did not make it to the TSC selection of applicants.

However, since we will walk you through the proper step-by-step application process, you might not be affected by this issue.

You should be aware that the application processes for teachers in primary and secondary schools differ from one another. In order to identify the differences, carefully go through the two methods below.

Primary Teachers Online Recruitment Application Process

This is the proper process to follow if you are applying for positions that have been posted in primary schools;

1. Start by going to the TSC online application site at

2. Enter the TSC number, ID number, and cellphone number. Select primary or secondary from the drop-down choice below, then click “OK.”

(i) This screen below shows the selection for primary Teacher

3. The applicant’s mobile phone will receive the TSC Kenya sms code, which will display the screen below.

4. Enter the SMS code as displayed below, then click “OK.”

TSC Vacancies Applications

5. The screen that follows will appear. Select Apply/View as displayed below.

6. The candidate will fill out the information on the screen below.

TSC Vacancies Applications

7. Select “Ref” from the drop-down menu, enter any further information that isn’t automatically completed, and then click “OK.”

TSC Vacancies Applications

8. The screen below will be displayed. Click yes as shown