Best Private Secondary Schools in Nairobi County

Here is a list of the best private secondary schools in Nairobi county, which are known to post some of the best results in the country’s national examinations.

The finest private schools, regarded as the crème de la crème of academicians nationally and internationally, are all located in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

Best Private Secondary Schools in Nairobi County

Among the top-notch private secondary schools are;

1. Aga khan High School, Nairobi

The institution, a private co-educational, multicultural day secondary school, was founded in 1961. It is situated seven kilometers from Nairobi’s city center in Westlands along Waiyaki Way.

The KCSE, IGCSE, and GCE curricula are available at the school. The University of Cambridge International Examinations completely accredited it as a center in July 2009, and the first group of IGCSE students took their exams there in 2010.

Exams and their outcomes now comprise a significant portion of the educational process. When granting students a seat in their institutions, higher education organizations now consider IGCSE grades in addition to A-Level achievements. The final three years of school in the international system are dominated by exams, which makes it distinct from other educational systems.

Aga Khan makes an effort to give the parents and students a setting where ideas can be shared for the welfare of the pupils. We firmly believe that it is a system that fosters curiosity, logical inspiration, fun, and demanding requirements. It also permits a character’s complete growth, which will enable achievement outside of the classroom.

The Aga Khan High School, Nairobi strives to impart an education that will enable students to become top performers nationally and internationally by incorporating the best international and contemporary teaching and learning as well as educational leadership philosophies. In addition, the institution offers robust academic teaching on campus with facilities that are the envy of many schools.

The school strives to develop pupils who will display the following qualities in their behavior:

Morals and Ethics
Public Service
Participation in Culture and Sports

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2. Precious Blood Secondary School Riruta

Located in Nairobi County’s Kawangware, Dagoretti constituency About 7 kilometers to the west of the city center is Precious Blood. There are roughly 600 students there, who come from all over the nation. Every form at the school has three streams. It is situated in a ten-acre area and has classrooms, dormitories, a dining hall, a small sports field, teacher housing, labs, and staff rooms.

The school was founded in 1964 by Catholic Precious Blood Sisters nuns. Children of indigenous people from the nearby communities of Kawangware, Riruta, and Uthiru who had been impacted by the Mau-Mau conflict were eligible to enroll in it.

It is a public school governed by the Board of Governors, the PTA, The Precious Blood Sisters, and the Kenyan government. The school originally just had one stream, but it now has three. There are roughly 580 pupils. At first, it wasn’t a boarding school, but as enrollment grew, it was expanded and dorms were built.


3. Strathmore School

The first multiracial school in Kenya, Strathmore, opened its doors in the Lavington neighborhood of Nairobi in 1961. It started out as a residential Sixth Form College that offered A-level courses in the British style and converted to the London GCE in 1963 from the Cambridge School Certificate Examination.

It was upgraded to a full-fledged secondary school in 1977. The school started providing instruction in 1988 using the KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) curricula, which it continues to do now. In 1987, the first group of 6-7-year-old primary school students entered. It has no borders anymore.