Best Construction Companies in Kenya

This is a list of the best construction companies in Kenya. Over the last 15 years, the local construction industry has grown tremendously, resulting in the success of many Kenyan construction companies.

Indeed, despite growing competition from Chinese multinationals, a small group of indigenous companies has continued to dominate the local construction scene for decades.

Among the best construction companies in Kenya are Epco Buildings and Intex Contraction who have dominated the Kenyan industry for a long time.

Best Construction Companies in Kenya

1. Epco Builders Limited

Epco Builders Limited is a leading construction company in Kenya, with headquarters in Nairobi’s Industrial Area. Ramji Varsani founded it in 1978.

The National Construction Authority has classified the company as NCA 1.
Epco Builders, with an estimated annual turnover of Sh5 billion, has completed some of the country’s most prestigious developments, including Kwale International Sugar Company, Moi University Pension Scheme Complex Tower in Eldoret, and CIC Plaza in Nairobi.

The company is capable of handling developments worth more than Sh10 billion.

2. Seyani Brothers & Company (K) Limited

Seyani Brothers & Company (K) Limited, also known as Seyani Bros, is a household name in East Africa and one of Kenya’s top construction firms.

Seyani Bros, based in Nairobi’s Industrial Area, was founded in 1978 by two siblings who began doing renovation work and subcontracting for top construction companies at the time.

Seyani Bros is now one of Kenya’s leading construction companies, having completed major projects such as the expansion of Village Market in Nairobi and Sabis International School in Runda.

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3. Put Sarajevo

Since 1980, Put Sarajevo Engineering Company has been registered and operating in Kenya.

The Bosnian-based company has completed hundreds of engineering and construction projects throughout the country. Put simply, Sarajevo employs over 6,000 people across three continents.

According to the company, its project management style allows it to reduce construction costs and timelines while maintaining project safety throughout its lifespan.

4. Intex Construction

Intex Construction is one of Kenya’s leading contractors. Intex, which was founded in 1982, takes pride in completing numerous construction, civil engineering, and real estate projects.


Since 1995, the company has had a branch in Kampala, Uganda, known as Intex Building & Civil Engineering Contractors Limited. According to the company, it has completed over 1,000 kilometers of road and 3.7 million square feet of real estate projects.

Kibera high-rise flats were built with the help of Intex.

5. Landmark Holdings

Landmark Holdings, which received the Construction Excellence Award in 2014, has completed numerous building, infrastructure, and civil engineering projects across the country since its inception in 1999.