Best Borehole Drilling Companies in Kenya

This is a list of the best borehole drilling companies in Kenya. With an increase in the number of households as a result of the increased population in major cities such as Nairobi, the demand for clean water has also increased. Individuals have suffered from water shortages in major cities as a result of the government’s insufficient supply of piped water.

As a result, landlords and homeowners have been forced to consider alternative water sources. Aside from storing rainwater, the best option at the moment is to drill a borehole. A borehole drilling company can help in this situation.

Despite the initial costs, a borehole will serve you well for as long as possible. If you’re looking for one, here’s a list of the best borehole drilling companies in Kenya.

Best Borehole drilling companies in Kenya

1. Diali Drilling Limited

It is one of Kenya’s best borehole drilling companies. Hydrogeological surveys, borehole drilling, pump installation, test pumping, casing, borehole servicing, borehole maintenance, and water treatment are among the services offered by Diali Drilling Limited.

The firm has extensive experience drilling boreholes for residential, industrial, agricultural, and municipal purposes.

2. Simba drilling

Simba drilling is one of Kenya’s most sought-after drilling companies, with over ten years of experience in borehole drilling. The company is well-equipped to handle small and large jobs, and it has a team of professionals who work hard to ensure that you have safe, clean water.

Borehole drilling, private water supplies, water treatment, borehole prognosis, abstraction licenses, ground source heating, pumping test, pumping installation, and water well maintenance are among their services.

Their offices are on the sixth floor of Westend Tower.

 3. Rana Team Services Company Limited

The company is proud to offer some of the best borehole drilling services in Kenya. Rana Team Services’ team of highly trained and dedicated experts is capable of handling both small and large jobs.

Their services include hydro-geological surveying, site mobilization, borehole development, borehole drilling, borehole casing and screening, borehole grouting, borehole percussion, borehole pump installation, borehole treatment, borehole graveling, borehole camera inspection, and test pumping to ensure water safety.

In addition, they also provide borehole maintenance, elevated borehole tank installation, water treatment, and borehole control panel installation to provide maximum pump performance. Furthermore, the company offers solar pumping, which is critical in remote areas without power.

4. Kisima Drilling (E. A) Company

Kisima Drilling (E. A) Company was established in June 2006 and is registered as a borehole contractor with the Ministry of Water. It has been operating in India under a different name for the last 20 years. They have good equipment and professional personnel to complete the job at a reasonable cost.

Visit their offices at Go Down no. 24 and 25, Athi City Five Business Park opposite Signature Mall, Mlolongo, Mombasa Road, Nairobi, for more information.

5. Waterlink

Waterline will take care of you if you need affordable borehole drilling services. Borehole irrigation, borehole surveys, borehole casing, and gravel pack, borehole drilling, borehole pumping equipment, and borehole elevated tanks are among their services. They can be found on Vision Plaza Mombasa Road.

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