Best Accounting Software for Small Business in Kenya

Which is the best accounting software for small business in Kenya? Accounting is one of Kenya’s most popular professions, with many institutions offering this dynamic course.

Accounting consultants and small businesses are always looking for the best accounting software to use.

Jambo Daily has compiled a list of Kenya’s best accounting software. This survey prioritized affordability, ease of use, and time savings.

Here is a list of the best accounting software in Kenya for small and large businesses, as well as consultants.

Best Accounting Software for Small Business in Kenya

1. Quick Books

Managing your small business’s finances has never been easy. QuickBooks gives you instant access to customer, employee, and vendor information.

Accountants can use this software to create invoices, track debtors and sales, and manage company expenses. It is one of Kenya’s most widely used accounting software.

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Other important future developments include online banking, payroll assistance, e-payment, and banking transaction reconciliation.

2. Sage Pastel

Sage pastel, one of the best accounting software in Kenya, is particularly fit for medium-sized businesses.

The software has a lot of cool features. It allows for creativity, flexibility, and power.

It has multi-user and multi-currency capabilities, making it one of the best accounting program options available.

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The software allows you to add modules, which is great news as your business grows. Look no further if you want software that is both affordable and flexible. Sage pastel is the way to go.

3. Microsoft Navision

This is one of the best accounting software in Kenya, but it is still underutilized.

The software includes various functional modules such as general ledger, accounts payables, receivables, inventory, and purchase order management.

4. Tally

Tally is one of the top accounting programs in Kenya due to its flexibility. The software streamlines taxation procedures and provides accountants with a clear view of the supply chain and inventories.

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If you have multiple branches, Tally is the software to use. It enables you to efficiently manage your branches, making life easier for the HR and accounting departments.

5. Zoho Books